PSC Officials Policy


PSC Officials Policy

How do I become a USA Swimming Official?

 The entry level position for Officiating is a Stroke & Turn Judge (Level 5) certification. They are the officials standing at either end of the pool or walking along the side of the pool observing the swimmers to ensure that the technical rules of the individual strokes are being followed. Progression from Stroke & Turn (S&T) includes the positions of Starter (Level 3) and Referee (Level 1).

What is required to be an official?

1. You must become a non-athlete member of USA Swimming. 2017 annual membership cost $75.

 2. Complete the background check required by USA Swimming. Cost is $36.50.

 3. Complete the Athlete Protection Training (APT) required by USA Swimming (no cost involved).

4. Complete the designated training program for the Stroke & Turn Judge position.

How do I get started?

1. Talk to your swim coach, an official in your club, the Utah Swimming Officials Chair for information on the steps you need to complete to become an official.

2. Complete the USA Swimming non-athlete online membership application on the Utah Swimming website.

3. Payment is either by check (check payable to Utah Swimming Inc.). Checks can be mailed to: Utah Swimming PO Box 71837, Salt Lake City, Utah 84171.

 4. Go to the USA Swimming web site at In the upper right hand corner of the web site, click on “sign in”. You then need to create an account in order to be able to access the Background Check, official’s tests, etc.

5. Initiate the Background Check.

 6. Complete the Athlete Protection Training.

PSC Policy for reimbursement and meet fee waivers

Once you have completed the training requirements you can submit your registration and background check receipts to PSC for reimbursement.

Many meet hosts waive the fees for officials that are working the meet. Check the meet information for details. All meets are different and have different policies on what they provide for officials, it is your responsibility to know what the meet requires of the officials, and what they offer in return for your time. In many cases you need to notify them before the meet and let them know you will be officiating to have your fees waived.

 If they DO NOT offer any waivers for your swimmers, PSC will waive 100% of your fees for one swimmer, and 50% for two more swimmers. If the meet host will only waive fees for one swimmer, PSC will waive 50% of your fees up to two athletes.

If the meet host offered waivers, but you were ineligible to receive them because you did not notify them before hand, PSC will not waive your meet fees.