PSC Parent Pep Talks

August: Parent Meeting


Team attire order form: the only required item is the t-shirt and team cap, everything else is optional.


Here are pics of the warmups, towel, and tshirts. The blue t-shirt is required, the gray is optional.


Next pep talk is for parents and swimmers. It will be Tuesday November 7th 6:30-7:30pm at the Magna Library. We will have Seth M. Quealy, MS is a sport psychology consultant/mental skills coach.   He works with teams, coaches & individuals from all walks of life who realize the importance the mental aspect plays in peak performance.  Seth shows them how to maximize their potential by developing the correct attitude & mind set through mental skills training. This empowers them with the ability and tools to control themselves so they can start controlling their performances.

Read the notes from Seth's talk /utpsc/UserFiles/File/Seth%20Quealy%20notes.docx