Why Join SWAMI?

Why Join Swami?

Part of Race Swami's mission is to embrace and reflect the neighborhoods it serves: Rose Park, Glendale and the surrounding nooks and crannies of Salt Lake City's "River District" enclave, as well as the west side communities of Salt Lake County. This region is a proud, close-knit, ethnically-rich community; a melting pot village that seems to have been reinvigorated by young, culturally diverse families from all corners of the globe. 

Since our inception in 2011, we are ecstatic that swimming has caught on here the same way outreach soccer, basketball, and water zumba programs have; and the way swimming caught fire in other cities where people said it never could—inner-Philly, South Chicago, Oakland, and Detroit—similar communities where outreach swim programs flourish and excel to new heights every day. Today, Race Swami has become a force in Utah's competitive swimming world... and we're happy to say we did it by attracting local kids to the program with no prior swimming experience---kids who deserve the opportunity to be engaged in a safe, caring environment that puts character first and a "Sí Se Puede!" attitude into everything we do.
Race Swami is well on its way. Donors and foundations have certainly taken notice! So have families who see the immense value in getting their kids involved in a swimming program that places a premium of building character. There is nothing wrong with supporting a program geared towards instilling moral values in young peoples lives, and thus, learning life's lessons through a sport that arguably builds character and team work better than any. What other program exists in these neighborhoods of Salt Lake County—or anywhere in the state, for that matter—where the focus is on building character and becoming champions in life, without dealing with the hurdle of figuring out how to pay for it?
The only real way to explain, "Why Swami?" is to experience it for yourself! Have your child "shadow" with us for a week in our pools with our self-driven athletes and dedicated coaches. Have them meet and hang out with our diverse, fun-loving, and welcoming swimmers. Have them taste the challenging dryland regimen or try a day of yoga with our top-notch volunteer instructor and the SWAMIs. Share a day with us volunteering at a community-supported cause to help others in the neighborhood... And by all means, take a look at what we're doing to reach out to this amazing community.
At Race Swami, everyone is welcome! 
Joining the SWAMI Family means more than just aligning oneself with a swim program. It's making the determination of taking yourself on a road to self discovery and striving to be the very best one can be. A journey that will surely include building lifelong friendships... and becoming a champion in life, and in making a difference!