2017 Summary

2017 Summary

  • February - The Enrichment Program hosted several activities in 2017, including a test-taking “best practices” workshop, an Engineering Day at Zaniac in Sugar House, and a six week ACT Prep course.
  • March - Race Swami swimmers perform outstanding races at the 2017 Utah Age Group State Championships, with 16 swimmers representing Race Swami at the championship meet. Team finishes 10th overall, with the girls team finishing 7th in a field of more than 30 teams spanning the state.
  • March - SWAMI swimmers and parents hosts a number of fundraisers so the money raised can be applied to a summer team trip; fundraisers include a Chipotle Night in Sugar House and several nights of manning concessions at Jazz Home Games. Total money raised was more than $16,000.
  • April - Race Swami hosts its 4th SWAMI FIESTA Fundraising Event  at Frida Bistro to help support its low-income families. Nearly 90% of SWAMIs receive some financial aid for the ability to participate in this amazing program and the money raised helps pay for their swimming.
  • April - Sorenson Legacy Foundation provides record $50,000 to Race Swami to help support low-income swimmers, help offset costs to pay for lane usage at the local county facilities, and support a seasoned coaching staff to oversee nearly 80 swimmers.
  • May - SWAMI’s tutoring program took off in 2017! Tutoring covered many school courses including math, science, writing, and Spanish. SWAMI’s tutoring staff is versatile and experienced—helping SWAMIs
    improve their grades and master their learning.
  • June - Race Swami offers it's second Summer Reading Program to 35 swimmers with the help of 10 volunteers. Swimmers, ranging in ages 7 to 18, read a variety of books and hold weekly classes, with one class offered in Spanish.
  • July - Early July offered many new experiences to the SWAMIs, including a team trip to Santa Barbara, CA for the 47th annual Semana Nautica Invitational swim meet. The team finishes 2nd overall at the meet.
  • July - A solid group of SWAMIs qualify for the Utah Long Course State Championships and place 9th overall, the highest finish the team to date
  • September - Coach Matt Finnigan honored as Utah Senior Coach of the Year in 2017. He had five swimmers who qualified for USA Swimming’s prestigious Western Zones Championships.
  • November - Race Swami remains one of the most culturally diverse swim programs in the West, with nearly 70% of our swimmers being either Latino, Asian, Polynesian/Pacific Islander, or African American.
  • December - In 2017, 44 team records were broken, and several SWAMIs finished in the Top 5 at the Utah Long Course State Championships.