Life as SWAMIs

Life as SWAMIs


We asked our SWAMIs what RACE SWAMI means to them. Here is a sampling of the answers we received...

Quotes from our SWAMIs:
"My parents cry whenever they tell someone about Race Swami. They tell them what Race Swami has done for me. What Race Swami has done for them as parents. People really CARE, "even though our skin is brown!!" is what I heard my mom telling her friend in Spanish one day. So my mom's friend joined, and her daughter swims for us now. She has gotten really, really fast. Her mom cries tears of joy after EVERY swim, even if it wasn't her best time! It goes beyond swimming for our families. It means something to be able to compete at this level even though we cannot afford it. Race Swami changes lives, and our families are PROOF. I wouldn't want to be anywhere else even if you paid me a million dollars. Because no matter how much money you offered me, it will never be more than the richness I have in my heart because of what my coach gives me and all the people who are part of the Race Swami family."
- Junior Swami Swimmer, age 13
"Race Swami has changed my life. Without it, I wouldn't be swimming because my parents can't afford it. I want to thank Race Swami for letting me swim! It has been the best thing ever!"
- Junior Swami Swimmer, age 12
"Race Swami is more than just a swim team. It's more than going to swim practice and swimming up and down a pool... just swimming swimming swimming. At Race Swami we get to learn about life and why it matters to be a good person and to make the right choices. I have never had so much fun working as hard as I do."
- Junior Swami Swimmer, age 13
"When I joined Race Swami 4 years ago I didn't have much confidence in myself. Now I can't think of a day where I haven't had the confidence to want to do my best. I owe it to Race Swami and I thank my coaches for believing in me even when I didn't always believe in myself."
- Junior Swami Swimmer, age 15
"I love how Race Swami is super diverse but that we all still love each other like we're family. I wish the rest of society was like this. I absolutely LOVE it here!"
- Rising Swami 2 Swimmer, age 10
"I'm proud to be from Rose Park and I'm proud of the fact that I swim for a program that represents the great community we live in. It makes me real proud!"
- Junior Swami Swimmer, age 12
"What I love most is that even when we are working hard we still manage to have fun. I think that's what I love the best about Race Swami."
- Junior Swami Swimmer, age 11
"I like the Swami Fiestas, and the Education Days at the University of Utah, and the Movie Nights, and all the service projects we do as a team. I really love it when we go on team trips to Cedar City! All the things we do as a team just builds a deeper friendship for my teammates. I want to be with all my teammates for the rest of my life."
- Junior Swami Swimmer, age 12

"I use to get bullied at school when I was a little kid. But my coach and my teammates helped me to stand up for myself. They cared about me and they tell me how cool I am. That means a lot to me!"
- Rising Swami 2 Swimmer, age 10

"My life would be so empty and boring without Race Swami! I'd probably just play video games all the time."
- Rising Swami 1 Swimmer, age 8
"I use to think swimming was for the very rich people. But I'm definitely not rich. Now I tell others at my school to come out and swim because we will take you but you will need to listen up."
- Rising Swami 1 Swimmer, age 9
Quotes from the Parents:
"RACE SWAMI is a powerful addition to our community. The coaches and parents involved bring together a community of unlikely members. It's not unlikely to have parents on deck from lots of different neighborhoods and socioeconomic backgrounds. Families all feel welcomed to the community. The swimmers learn how to be team players, compassionate, supportive of their teammates, respectful while being encouraged to give back to their communities. And, it's a healthy, fun activity! RACE SWAMI shows that we can raise amazing kids who will become amazing adults."
"Race Swami has been a life changer for my two kids. Now, they have confidence in everything they do. It was just a total life changer."
"I can't think of a better place for my daughter to spend time after school every day. Her coach is her mentor and the team is her family! My daughter has learned so much and she's happy! Thank you, coaches, Leslie, Mary Chris, and Race Swami for all you do!"
"Without Race Swami my kids would not have this opportunity for an athletic outlet as it is very expensive to support kids these days. We are grateful to Race Swami. My kids are safe, happy, and becoming very good swimmers. They love it! Our family cannot say thank you enough."
"We love Race Swami because we as an organization really do symbolize and capture the special community we have in our neighborhoods located in the Northwest region of Salt Lake County."