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Race Swami Service Projects
Giving Back to the Community!

Being based in Salt Lake City's west side neighborhoods lends ample opportunity for Race Swami to MAKE A DIFFERENCE in the community it serves.
Race Swami has been involved with several local events, including The Rio Jordan Triathlon in Rose Park, the Halloween Hustle & Food Drive hosted by the Glendale Community, Rose Park's Easter "Eggstravaganza," and The Road Home Shelter Holiday Service Program. Race Swami also has been involved with the United Mitochondrial Disease Foundation's annual Energy Walk (Utah Chapter) to raise awareness of this disease and to raise funds, as well as the SWAMI parents helping out at the Utah State Fair in Fairpark.
Additionally, Race Swami has hosted more than a half dozen swim clinics each year that geared towards serving youth residing in the neighboring west side communities of Salt Lake City. These clinics are fun, affordable, and necessary. As it is for many members of Race Swami, cost is no factor for those who cannot afford the needs of swimming, so scholarship opportunities are available for families at these clinics. The funds stem from Swami Donors and local foundations who support the organization's mission to serve the underrepresented. No child has ever been turned away.
"This was really part of our mission when we set out to start a swim program in Rose Park and Glendale: to serve the underrepresented and to give back," head coach Matt Finnigan said. "No organizations in Salt Lake existed that catered to kids who can't afford USA Swimming, which is the highest level of competitive swimming in the country. There are models out there in other regions of our country which have shown extreme success—and gratification from the public. In fact, my own swim coach growing up, Kevin Perry, ensured that this was part of his mission in Fullerton, CA... to offer swimming to families in the community who couldn't afford it... to offer swim clinics to those new to the sport. As he put it, swimming is a sport that teaches kids tremendous and invaluable lessons which they'll take with them for a lifetime. I know Kevin personally offered me and my teammates so much in the way of 'life education.' I just wanted to pass those values on in his memory... especially to those kids who really could use impressionable and affective mentoring."
Race Swami has also established partnerships with the Guadalupe School (located in Rose Park) and The Neighborhood House (a daycare center located near Glendale), having already served more than 400 students over the last five years. Race Swami offers seasonal after-school character education classes for students interested in an affordable learn-to-swim program. Classes combine character-building lessons such as introducing the "meaning of success" to young swimmers by learning values including action, alertness, friendship, hard work, and poise, with half hour swim lessons which include the lessons learned on the day. Classes have garnered rave reviews from both organizations. Classes are generally offered throughout the year.
Race Swami offers character education classes, which are coupled with swim lessons
for youngsters from the Guadalupe School.