SWAMI's Fleur de Lis

Race Swami's Fleur di Lis

Our fleur pays an ode to our fair lady, Lily Finnigan, who lives with a mitochondrial condition known as Mitochondria Complex-1. The logo symbolizes her perseverance. It harbors hope against the odds... it provides us solace that regardless of how adverse life may get, that we continue to learn, and ultimately "master," our wares.
So too, the logo stands for courage, commitment, and purpose (the three "points" on the flower). Every SWAMI—athlete, coach, parent, and/or booster—who accepts the responsibility of wearing the fleur of Race Swami and formally commits to the expectations that go with wearing it: sportsmanship, honesty, integrity, poise, and selflessness.
We are proud of our SWAMIs and the commitment they bring towards determining these expectations and standards as the forefront of our culture at Race Swami.
It is our commitment that as we continue to learn to "master the art of swimming"—and thus, every aspect of our own respective lives—that we are aware that what we learn must be shared and passed on to all those who are willing or in need.