Rising Swami I

Rising Swami I
Rising Swami I is for our beginner level SWAMIs who are ready to learn more than the basic water safety skills they mastered with swim lessons. At this level we work in small group settings and work individually with each child to help them develop a positive relationship with the water and give them an introduction to an active and versatile set of swimming skills. Each child is lead through the beginning phases of all four swimming strokes. Rising Swami I Green is like the "entry-level" foundation for those who are brand new to competitive swimming, placing an emphasis on being a nurturing, supportive environment. Practices are held two times per week.

Generally for children ages 6-10 that includes basic water safety skills, stroke instruction, and dryland fitness. Below are the requirements for joining Rising Swami I Green. (Note: the team will consider children younger than 6 years of age if they meet the requirements listed below):

Minimum Requirements

  • Must have the ability to swim 25 yards unassisted
  • The ability to train in the water for one hour
  • Willingness to learn
  • Commitment to attending classes
  • All potential Rising Swami I Green athletes must pass a two practice test series to ensure they meet the appropriate skills and maturity level for the team

100% skills and technique

Practice Days/Times: 
Tues & Thur: 4:30-5:45pm @ Northwest Recreation Center; Sat. Clinic (once per month): 11:00am-12pm. Dryland Activities are 5:30-5:45pm after each practice.