2011 Summary

2011 Summary

  • January - Race Swami is founded
  • February - The "Fleur di Lis" logo is unveiled at the Short Course Senior State Meet in Park City, representing perserverance, strength and courage in honor of Lily Finnigan, daughter to head coach Matt Finnigan
  • March - Two members of Race Swami compete in Western Sectionals, Seattle, WA
  • April - Race Swami offer its first 3-day learn-to-swim clinic at Northwest Rec in Rose Park
  • May - USA Swimming grants Race Swami official sanction
  • June - 12 members of Race Swami attend notorious The Race Club camp with Gary Hall Sr. in the Florida Keys
  • June - One member of Race Swami competes in the Grand Prix series in Santa Clara, CA
  • July - Two members of Race Swami compete in Western Sectionals, Gresham, OR
  • August - One member of Race Swami competes at the Junior Nationals swim meet, Stanford, CA
  • September - Race Swami participates in Walk For Energy event at Murray Park to raise awareness for Mitochondrial Disease Awareness Week
  • September - Race Swami applies for substantial grant in order to offer scholarship opportunities for families in the Rose Park and Glendale neighborhoods
  • September - Race Swami offers 3-week clinic for Utah high school swimmers
  • October - Race Swami hosts their 2nd learn-to-swim clinic over a 4-day, 8 session span. Clinic is held at SWAMI's home pool facilities (Steiner West in Glendale, Northwest Rec in Rose Park)
  • October - All team members of Race Swami band together to volunteer at the Halloween Hustle & Food Drive held at Jordan Park in Glendale
  • November - Race Swami announces partnership with The Guadalupe Center in Rose Park to help tutor elementary-age students in the Rose Park community
  • November - "Rising Swami," Race Swami's pre-comp group, makes debut at the Northwest Rec pool
  • November - Race Swami hosts 3rd learn-to-swim clinic over the Thanksgiving holiday
  • December - Race Swami hosts 4th swim clinic to beginners spanning ages 4 to 12 over Holiday Recess
  • December - SWAMIs volunteer at The Road Home's Candy Cane Corner in downtown Salt Lake over the Holidays as part of team activity