SWAMI Team Gear

Race Swami Team Gear

Race Swami provides swim goggles and team swim caps to all families who cannot afford these items. Thanks to donations provided by local foundations, we also have a large collection of FINIS Products including Snorkels, Alignment Boards, Agility Paddles and Axis Buoys; all sizes of TYR short-tip Blade fins, Foil Monofins, a number of Finis Tempo Trainers, three VASA Trainer machines, exercise/yoga mats, and some various dryland equipment.

Team Gear:
- Race Swami Swim Cap - silicone green (3 choices: "¡Sí Se Puede!, "Make a Difference", or Name)
- Race Swami commemorative Green and Gold Sweatshirt (Name on sleeve)

Gear provided by team through grants received by local foundations and donors:
- Race Swami Team Suit
- Race Swami Deck Jacket (swim parka)

The SWAMI Team Training Gear (gear available at all three facilities) includes:
Finis Alignment Kickboard
Finis Snorkel
Finis Agility Paddles
Finis Axis Buoy
Finis Foil Monofin
Finis Tempo Trainers

TYR Short-tip Blade Fins

FINIS Velo racing suits (male and female, various sizes) are also available to those Race Swami swimmers who qualify for championship meets and cannot afford racing suit. These suits were donated by FINIS and are offered to our swimmers at no cost.

Other equipment Race Swami uses: 
Dryland: boxing gloves, tennis shoes, work-out gloves, jump rope, med balls

All SWAMI team shirts and SWAMI team swim caps may be purchased directly through the team for a minimal price.

If you have any questions regarding our SWAMI Team Gear, feel free to talk to one of our coaches, or Team President Leslie Motley.