Make a Difference!

"The happiest people I know are those who find purpose and meaning pursuing a grander vision of a good
measured life in terms of worthiness, not net worth. Virtue is not a tactic. It is a life philosophy." 

—Michael Josephson



MAKE A DIFFERENCE - This motto is printed on our green swim caps and accompanies most of our team
gear. We believe in this philosophy. We share this philosophy everyday with our athletes. We also have a
saying: "¡Sí Se Puede!" or, "Yes We Can!"

Race Swami believes every member of our program can make a difference within this team...
to Make a Difference in their community... And perhaps most importantly, 
to Make a Difference in the world! Yes We Can!
As coaches and mentors of Race Swami, we apply the virtues of dedication, courage, teamwork, persistence,
patience, understanding—and love—all tools necessary to empower our athletes to stand tall with
confidence and purpose in order to Make a Difference in the world.
Our SWAMIs are happy, healthy, and intuitive.
Our SWAMIs strive to be exceptional people, students, and athletes —working diligently in the classroom,
on deck, at home, and in the pool.
Our SWAMIs give back to the community.
Our SWAMIs support each other and those they compete with.
Our SWAMIs believe in character first: that is,
the better the person, the better the athlete, the better the swimmer,
the better the teammate... the better the culture.