SWAMI Insight

During a recent team meeting on a warm, sunny fall day out on the grotto of the Steiner West Pool, our young SWAMIs shared some of their thoughts about a number of things: team work, character, leadership, and other attributes relating to our mission at Race Swami.

One of the questions that came up was what does RACE SWAMI Means to Me? We asked the question to ensure we were addressing our mission to Make a Difference and to be more than just a swim club. So we went directly to the source! Here were some of the responses, unaltered...


What does Race Swami Mean to Me?

To be nice, confident and to care for your teammates and the team.

Race Swami means family and hard work!

Race Swami means that we can make a difference in the world.

We are different, unique. There is nothing like it. My soccer team was nothing like Race Swami. It was just a team, Race Swami is a FAMILY.

Having fun!

Grateful. Respectful. Family. = Race Swami!

Respect. Trust. Hard work. Life Skills. Fun. Family. Love.

Race Swami means so much to me. We are more than just teammates, we are family! Swimming has helped me have confidence, and Swami has prepared me for life.

Team work.

Happiness and being together as family, friends, teammates.

Making friends who will soon become best friends and will be there for you no matter what.

Race Swami means family to me!

I learn more at Race Swami than I do at school some days because I learn about life and the importance of relationships and teamwork. I've learned you can't do anything amazing in this world without good people who will help you get there!