Modules Descriptions

No refunds or changes are permitted after the first week of practices.  Schedules are based on coach availability and lane space.

Minimum enrollment is 4 per class.

Pre-Comp Team Group Descriptions:

Pre-Comp 1: For swimmers with little or no competitive experience.  Knowledge of at least two strokes--including front crawl (Freestyle), breathing to the side--are required to qualify for Pre-Comp team.  This group advances to our Pre-Comp 2 group.

Pre-Comp 2:  For swimmers with some competitive experience (usually summer team groups B & C) or advanced swimming lessons.  Knowledge of all four strokes is required, as is diving from the side, somersault in-water and side-breathing on front crawl.  This group advances to our Pre-Comp 3 or Royals 1 groups.

Pre-Comp 3:  For swimmers who have advanced skills, but need to refine skills or build up training for Competition Team.  Advanced skills for all 4 competitive strokes is required.  This group is intended to provide conditioning in preparation for our Royals 1 group.  This group is usually only offered in the Fall Session(s).