2019-20 Fee Schedule

 Scroll down for a detailed explanation of fees and membership options (annual or month-to-month).

757swim offers two payment options:

Single Annual Payment:

  • One-time payment covers membership through July 2020.  (August ‘20 championship meets are included along with any August pre-season workouts that may be offered.)
  • Discounted rate.
  • Non-refundable and will not be prorated. (Exceptions may be made for season-ending illness or injury as recommended by a physician.)
  • Recommended for swimmers who are certain that they will remain active through the entire year.

Installment Plan:

  • Payable in 9 installments billed monthly, September through May.  Installments are not prorated.
  • May be canceled for any reason; must give notice by the 15th of the month to cancel the following month’s invoice.
  • After payment is complete in May, swimmer membership continues through July 2020. (August ‘20 championship meets are included along with any August pre-season workouts that may be offered.)
  • Recommended for swimmers who are new to the sport, who might wish to take a break to pursue other activities, or who are uncertain about making a year-long commitment for any reason.

Multi-Swimmer Discount

  • A 10% discount is applied to the 2nd, 3rd, and beyond swimmer per family.  Discount is applied to swimmer(s) with lower fee(s).

Additional fees to be expected:

  • A non-refundable registration fee for each swimmer. This fee covers required USA Swimming and Virginia Swimming registrations:  $200 for all swimmers in practice groups Bronze I, Bronze II, Silver II, Silver III, and Gold; $100 for Copper, Silver 1, and Senior; $25 for Copper Prep, Home School, and 757FIT.
  • Required team uniform swimsuit and practice equipment (varies by group).
  • Meet fees including a meet surcharge, event fees, and relay fees (when applicable)Fees vary by meet, but a typical two-day meet might cost $25-$50 per swimmer.
  • Travel expenses for swimmers who choose to travel to out-of-town meets.
  • Optional team spirit and motivational items, such as t-shirts.

Payment Plans and Registration Fees for Member Joins after September

  • Members who join 757swim after September 30, 2019, will pay the monthly Installment Plan rate for their practice group. Those who join between October 1 and December 31, 2019, will pay installments through May. Those who join on or after January 1, 2020 will pay 7 installments through July.
  • The Registration Fee will be charged in full with the first month’s payment regardless of when the member joins.
  • The full month’s dues will be charged regardless of what day of the month the swimmer begins swimming with 757swim.
  • Families joining mid-season will still be required to fundraise per the fundraising policy for any fundraising period in which they have a swimmer involved in training and competition with 757swim.

757swim Alumni 

  • Graduated former 757swim members who return from college on holidays or summer break are invited to train with 757swim. There is no charge for holiday break training. Summer break swimmers may choose to pay $30/week or $100/month and must also pay the USA Swimming registration fee if they do not have a current year registration.  Please contact the registrar to activate your account. 

Club membership comes with expenses and other obligations. Families must understand and agree to these obligations before joining. Following are brief summaries of key policies.

Please read the entire policies at > About Us > Policies.


Payment Obligation

  • Fees are not prorated. 
  • All monthly installment payments will be invoiced on the first of the month and will be due by the 10th.  See 757swim Payment Policy for details regarding payment options and expectations. Members are strongly encouraged to use automatic credit card or checking payment options! It's easy to miss the deadline and incur a late fee.
  • Late fees will be assessed for payments received after the 10th.
  • 757swim will be using Team Unify for our website, registrations, communications to members, and billing. All members must maintain an active Team Unify account and read team communications.
  • Swimmers dropping from 757swim must complete a withdrawal request by the 15th of the month in order to avoid the installment payment being charged the following month. No refunds will be given retroactively.  The withdrawal request form is located at > Parents > Member Withdrawal.
  • Fees include WISC Fitness workouts per the Practice Group Descriptions.  WISC Fitness workouts are considered an integral part of training, and there is no discount for not participating.  (Note Senior and Silver 1 have an OPTIONAL add-on payment for WISC Fitness workouts.)
  • Please read the entire Payment Policy!

Fundraising Obligation

  • Fundraising requirements are broken into three phases based on membership participation.  Families are obligated to fundraise per for every phase in which a member swimmer participates in 757swim training or competition. Fundraising obligation is per family, not per swimmer.
  • The fundraising obligation can be met only by participating in pre-determined fundraising vehicles offered to assist families with their fundraising efforts.  Other donations and services are appreciated but cannot be applied toward a family’s fundraising obligation.
  • Families who do not meet the fundraising minimum will be charged the difference.
  • Please read the entire Fundraising Policy!

Volunteer Obligation

  • Volunteering at 757swim includes three areas:  (1) Team Service, (2) Home Meet Service, and (3) Routine Timing at Meets. 
  • Families with swimmers in groups Bronze I & II, Silver II & III, and Gold must fulfill a Team Service volunteer assignment.  Team Service is an annual role fulfilled per family that is agreed upon by the member.  (Note: Copper Prep, Copper, Silver I, Senior, 757FIT, and Homeschool families are encouraged but not obligated to fulfill a Team Service assignment.) 
  • All member families (excluding Copper Prep, 757FIT and Homeschool) must participate in Home Meet Service. One family member must fulfill a volunteer role at a total of 6 sessions at 757swim’s hosted meets. (NOTE: If a Homeschool swimmer opts to compete in a home meet, the family must work one session of that meet.)
  • Routine Timing at Meets -  All member families must volunteer as timers at away swim meets which their swimmers attend.
  • Please read the entire Volunteer Policy!