Billing FAQs


Billinq FAQs

Please note the below Frequently Asked Questions with regard to Team Unify Invoices and our 757swim Billing Process.  If you have questions, note FAQ #7.

Review the full details of the 757swim Payment Policy by CLICKING HERE.

1.  When are bills generated each month?

All member accounts will find their monthly invoice posted to the website on the 1st of each month.  Members must login to the site and go to:

My Account  > $My Invoice/Payment

Here, you can review your invoice and understand what is due for the current month.

All members are responsible to check their invoice monthly and ensure payment is made on time.  Your volunteer billing staff will do their best to provide reminders, but it is your responsibility to pay your fees on time.  Your timely payment allows us to avoid additional accounting fees as a club.

2.  How do I view the details on my invoice?

Once member invoice is displayed, you can click on the invoice to review details about what has been billed.  Click on “Current Invoice Summary” to see items that have been included in your invoice for that month.  Click on “Billing History” to view previous payments posting to your account.  To find even more detail, within “Billing History” click on “Search Billing/Payment History” and enter date parameters.

3.  What charges are included on the invoice?

Items billed include but are not limited to:  monthly dues, meet fees, Spiritwear charges, late payment fees, other non-recurring charges.

A note about relay fees:  if your swimmer is part of a relay team in a meet, a relay fee will be charged to your account.  Often, relay teams will shift at the time of the meet. Errors in your relay fee charges may occur.  These charges will be rectified (either credited or charged) as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience.

4.  When is payment due?

Payment is due on the 10th of the month.  Payment must be received no later than the 10th of the month to avoid a $25 late fee--no exceptions!  If you do not opt for Credit Card Payment or Autocheck withdrawal (see #5 & #6), it is highly recommended that you mail your check within the FIRST week of the month.  Processing of checks can take a few days.  Our process coupled with your timely payment allows us to avoid additional accounting fees that would otherwise be charged to the club.

5.  How is payment accepted?

Method of payment is by credit card, autocheck withdrawal (ACH) from your bank, or personal (mailed) check).  

.  Autocheck withdrawal and credit cards are the preferred methods of payment.  See below Team Unify Account Instructions  on how to set up your credit card or autocheck account.   A note about credit card and ACH security:  All members input their bank account or credit card information privately into their own accounts. When inputting this information it is done under a HTTPS secured connection and the data is 128­bit encrypted. Not even the member can log back in and see their own credit card information.

- Credit Card Members opting for credit card payment will be charged 2.95% plus $.30 per transaction.  This transaction charge will be detailed in your account records.  For all rejected credit card payments, you will be assessed a $25.00 penalty fee.

- Autocheck withdrawal (ACH)Member provides their bank account information in the Team Unify system and funds are withdrawn automatically each month.  For all rejected ACH payments, you will be assessed a $25.00 penalty fee.

- Personal Check.  Make check out to "757swim" and mail to PO Box 6641, Williamsburg, Va 23188. For all rejected personal checks, you will be assessed a $25 penalty fee.  Please remember there is an automatic late charge of $25 for any checks received after the 10th of the month.

Coaches and board members are not authorized to accept payment. Checks must be mailed.

Please do not give payment to coaches or board members.

6.  How do I set up credit card or autocheck payments from my bank account?

- Logon to

- Go to My Account > Setup Auto Pay

- Click the "Current Payment Method" drop down and select either “Automatically charge CREDIT CARD below” or “Automatically charge BANK ACCOUNT below.”

- Click the Edit link to the right of the "Credit Card on File" or "Bank Account on File" field.

- Fill in the credit card or bank account details (you will need your account number and routing number).

- Click “Save Changes” on the bottom right of the screen.

- To ensure your information has been saved, go back into My Account  > Setup Auto Pay and ensure the bank information is present.

-A reminder that a $25 penalty fee will be charged for rejected credit card or ACH payments.

7.  Who do I contact if I have questions about my invoice?

If you have issues or questions about your invoice, please email our team bookkeeper (a volunteer position) at and provide details.  We will work to provide you answers as quickly as possible.

8.  How much are meet fees and when do they post to my bill?

Meet fees will be charged to member accounts in accordance with the costs listed on the meet invite for a particular meet.  Usually, there are meet fees per individual event entered, relay fees, and a swimmer surcharge.  Other fees may include an out-of-state swimmer fee and additional surcharges.  Meet fees will not automatically post to the website--they must be entered by our registrar once all meet entries have been approved by the coaching staff.  Meet fees may not be posted until after the conclusion of the meet.  Please note--meet fees are charged by and received by the host team, not 757swim.

9.  How do I avoid charges to my account if I am dropping from the team?

Members who plan to drop from 757swim must complete an online Withdrawal Form located at: > Parents  > Withdrawal

757swim requires 30 DAYS' NOTICE of your intent to withdraw.  By giving adequate notice, member avoids additional dues charges beyond the 30 day window.  Also, check your invoice carefully to ensure that all meet fees or other charges have been paid in full, or late payment fees will apply. Please direct any questions to  Failure to provide notice of your intent to withdraw  will result in dues being billed on the next month's invoice. 

10.  If I am dropping from the team, what am I responsible for paying?

Members who drop from 757swim should ensure they check their invoice upon withdrawal as meet fees and other non-recurring items may still be outstanding.  Payment must be received for all outstanding charges per the usual payment timeline requirements.