Practice Groups

2017-2018 Practice Groups

: 14 & Older
Time: 5 x a week for 2 hours; 1 x a week for 2.5 hours
Dryland: 3 x a week for 1 hour 

Description: This is an advanced senior level group. This practice group is for swimmers who have goals to compete at the sectional and national level and will be driven to demonstrate the necessary level of commitment and work ethic to achieve these goals on a daily basis. This group represents the highest level of training and commitment in the 757swim program.  Swimmers will develop all aspects of competitive swimming as they prepare for high level competitions. Swimmers need to maintain a 90% practice attendance to stay in this group.  
Dryland for the Gold Group: See below for dryland information for both Gold and Senior Groups.

Age: 14 & Older
Time: 5 x week for 2 hours; 1 x week for 1.5 hours
Dryland: 2 x a week for 1 hour

Description: This is an intermediate senior level group. In this group swimmers are beginning to understand the concepts of Senior level swimmers.  Group is designed for the High School aged swimmer who is preparing for High School swimming and Senior meets. Group focus is on continued development of proper stroke technique, increased aerobic training through kicking & interval sets, and developing race strategy. While swimmers will continue to build their aerobic base, other energy systems will be developed that are important for successful competitive swimming at this level. Consistent attendance and participation in practice and meets is valued.  

Dryland for the Senior Group: See below for dryland information for both Gold and Senior Groups.

Dryland for the Gold and Senior Group:

757swim partners with Marmon Muscle, who facilitates a topnotch strength and conditioning program. Swimmers train at Marmon Muscle’s 10,000 square foot facility. Marmon’s approach to developing elite level swimmers involves the use of constantly varied functional movements performed at high intensities. We teach our athletes how to perform basic maintenance on themselves with the use of flexibility, mobility, and soft tissue modalities.  Our dryland work yields results. Results produce belief. Belief provides us a group of athletes who excel in the pool.

Silver II:
Age: 11-14
Time: 2 x a week for 2 hours; 4 x a week for 1.5 hours
Dryland: 2 x a week 30 minutes drylands; 1 x 1 hour with Marmon Muscle 

Description: This is an advanced group for the 11-14 year old age group swimmer. The group focus is on perfecting stroke technique & developing endurance. Increased attention is placed on repeat interval sets & race pace training. Particular importance will be placed on learning and carrying out race strategies.  This group is designed to bridge swimmers from Age Group Swimming to Senior level swimming. Swimmers should have a minimum practice attendance average of five days a week. Meets are required for this group. End of season meets for both Short Course and Long Course season are crucial for this group. Swimmers will average one meet a month. Swimmers in this group are striving to place at Age Group States, and additionally qualify for the National Age Group Showcase Meet. Dryland in Silver II continues to assist swimmers in becoming coordinated athletes by developing body awareness and control. Additionally the dryland program for this group will start to introduce sport specific needs.

Silver I:
Age: 11-14
Time: 5 x a week for 1.5 hours
Dryland: 3 x a week 30 minutes drylands

Description: This is an intermediate group for the developing age group swimmer. Group focus is refinement of all four strokes through instruction, drilling, and kicking. Swimmers are introduced to endurance training through interval sets, clock reading, and lane etiquette. Dry land becomes an important part of the practice to help with coordination and athleticism, which will prove valuable in the pool as well. Consistent attendance and participation in practice and meets is valued.  

Bronze II:
Age: 10 & Under (Advanced 10 & Under group)
Time: 2 x a week for 1.25 hours; 2 x a week for 1 hour
Dryland: 2 x a week for 15mins

Description: Bronze II is a program designed to build off the knowledge gained in Bronze I. This is an intermediate group for 10 & Unders that continues to refine and build the fundamentals for all four strokes, starts and turns, interval training with a pace clock and introduces training sets. They will have increased practice time, which will allow for the beginning of aerobic conditioning combined with continued technique work. Swimmers in this group have previous Club swimming experience. Bronze II swimmers are required to swim in meets. Swimmers will strive to qualify for highest end of season meet offered for their age group.


Bronze I:
Age: 10 & Under (Intermediate 10 & Under group)
Time: 3 x a week for 1 hour; 1 x  a week for 45 minutes 
Dryland: 2 x a week for 15mins

Description:  This is a developmental group for the 10 & Under Swimmers. Swimmers must be legal in all four strokes. Training will focus on continued improvement of all 4 strokes, racing starts, turns, finishes, interval training, and clock reading. Swimmers will continue to build on their fundamentals and skills while testing their application in a competitive setting. Bronze 1 dry land will build upon the fundamentals taught in Copper. The ultimate goal is to develop a well-rounded, coordinated athlete who has body awareness and control. The body awareness and control developed in dry land will translate into the pool. Meets are encouraged, but not required. 

Age: 10 & Under  (Beginner 10 & Under group)
Time: 2 x a week for an hour
Dryland: Integrated into schedule

Description: This a novice group that is tailored for athletes who are "legal" in two strokes and have knowledge of all four strokes. Copper swimmers will be introduced to the basic fundamentals, practice habits, and skills that will serve them in their swimming development. This includes further refinement of freestyle & backstroke, development of legal butterfly & breaststroke, introduction to racing starts & turns, and reinforcement of lane etiquette and safety. Swimmers will work to develop basic motor learning skills, balance, and coordination in the water. Meets are encouraged, but not required. Dryland will be integrated into the Copper group. The purpose of dry land at this stage is to help swimmers become coordinated athletes with body awareness and control. Note: This is an introduction to competitive swimming, this is not a lesson program. 

Please note:  Final practice group assignment for your swimmer is subject to Head Coach approval.