Fundraising Policy


BASS Fundraising 2017-2018

BASS Swimming is a non-profit organization, managed by a Board of Directors. The board is comprised of parent volunteers and the head coach. One of the most important job of the board is to ensure that responsible financial decisions are made. This allows our children to have a positive swimming experience.

In order to ensure that we meet our budget for the upcoming season and to keep our fees to a minimum, there is a MANDATORY $100 fundraising obligation.

New families are NOT required to meet the fundraising obligation, but are encouraged to participate in our Swim-a-thon. USA Swimming reports that that are over 500 Swim-a-Thons each year. This is a great way for our Swim Club to build team spirit and to increase community awareness of the BASS program.

Once a family exceeds their fundraising obligation of $100 for the season, their name will be submitted for a prize drawing at season’s end (submitted once for each $10 exceeding the obligation).



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