Service Hours Requirements (Sept - Mar)


Each Family has an 11 – 15* Hour Minimum

7-Month Option (Sept-March)


The BASS Swim Team is a non-profit (501c(3)) organization, that relies on parent volunteers to help the team run smoothly and remain successful and affordable.  Swimmer participation in the BASS-hosted meets is a requirement for the 2019-2020 BASS Season.  The BASS-hosted meets are not possible without parents volunteering during the meets.  Therefore, BASS Swimming has a mandatory service program for all members of our team.  BASS Families who have signed up for the 7-Month Option (Sept-Mar) are required to fulfill a minimum of Eleven (11) to Fifteen (15) service hours spread out over the two (2) to three (3) BASS-hosted swim meets, the Swim-A-Thon, and other BASS sponsored events.


What does this mean?

For each BASS-hosted meet or event listed below, there are a minimum number of hours you MUST volunteer per meet.  If you do not complete the minimum number of service hours per meet or event, your account will be billed $15 for each hour of service time missed (amount will appear on the following month’s bill).  If additional service hours are approved to be made-up at a later swim meet your account will be credited accordingly.  Prior Board approval is required for make-up hours.


The BASS-hosted swim meets are as follows:

  1. BASS November Invitational, Nov. 16-17, 2019, Collegiate School Aquatic Center (CSAC), Richmond
  2. Candy Corn Fun Meet, TBD, Woodberry Forest School (WFS), Madison
  3. BASS 12 & Under Mini Meet, January 5, 2020, Woodberry Forest School (WFS), Madison
  4. Swim-A-Thon, TBD, Woodberry Forest School (WFS), Madison



Please note:  BASS does not want your money; we need your help to run our meets

Meet Name

Min/Max Volunteer Hours

Fee for unearned Hours

Possible Charge for Unearned Hours per Event

BASS November Invitational

5.0 Min

$15 per hour


Candy Corn Fun Meet

1.0 Min

$15 per hour


BASS 12 & U Mini Meet**

4.0 Min

$15 per hour



1.0 Min

$15 per hour


Jim Frye Invitational




Other Options:  For Volunteer Hours




Food Donation

4.0 Max

$15 of food donation is equivalent to one volunteer hour


Team Building, Social Events, Other





* Hours based on attending the Bass 12 & U mini meet

** If your child participates in this meet, service hour requirements apply.


Signature Required

I have carefully reviewed and agree to the service hours obligation stated above and understand that my account will be billed $15 for each unearned hour after each BASS Hosted Swim Meet.


Parent/Guardian Signature ____________________________________________ Date _____________


Please Print Name _______________________________________________




Revised 8/13/19