Conduct Form


PURPOSE: The use of the facilities at Woodberry by BASS is a privilege. We want to consistently demonstrate to the Woodberry community that we are an organization that is willing to foster responsibility in our children. Each swimmer, parent and family member will agree to adhere to the following:

  1. Driving & Parking: Please drive in a safe manner on the Woodberry grounds. Obey the posted speed limit. Park in the first lot that you come to at the Barbee Center. Follow the sidewalk to the appropriate entrance. Do not walk on the grass.

BASS auto decal must be affixed on the driver’s side window of each family car that enters Woodberry Forest grounds.

  1. Under no circumstances may swimmers be left unattended at Woodberry until they are on deck with a coach present.
  2. Barbee Center:
  1. Food, beverages (except water), and smoking are not allowed in the building.
  2. All swimmers must dress and undress in the assigned locations. Since we share these facilities with others, personal items left in the changing areas are left at your own risk.
  3. No one is permitted to enter the indoor track area, squash courts, racquetball courts, or kitchen facilities. Parents are welcome to use the chairs and benches provided in the lobby during your child's assigned practice times.
  4. If a sibling is forced to wait on another, please have them bring homework or another quiet activity such as a board game. Running and horseplay are not permitted anywhere at Woodberry. Parents are expected to enforce this rule vigorously.
  5. All standard safety rules apply within the pool area.
  6. Parents are not allowed on the pool deck during practice. Please wait until after practice or schedule an appointment to speak with a coach.
  1. No weapons are allowed on Woodberry property.
  2. Swimmers will not use or possess alcohol, tobacco products, or illegal drugs.
  3. Honor: Lying, cheating, evasiveness and stealing will not be tolerated. The purpose of our honor system is to instill in each swimmer that he/she can be trusted. BASS swimmers show good sportsmanship both in and out of the water, in support of their fellow swimmers and in the face of competition. Taunting and bullying is never tolerated.
  4. Swimmers are to refrain from inappropriate physical contact at team activities and events.
  5. Swimmers are to refrain from use of inappropriate language.

Failure to comply with the Code of Conduct as set forth in this document may result in disciplinary action. Such discipline may include, but may not be limited to:

  1. Removal from the WFS campus;
  2. Suspension from practice;
  3. Disqualification from future meets attendance;
  4. Financial penalties;
  5. Dismissal from the team; and/or
  6. Proceedings for a LSC or USA Swimming National Board of Review.

SWIMMERS & PARENTS: Please remember that your behavior is a reflection of the BASS swim team. You will be required to indicate your acceptance of these rules by signing below. Any infraction of these rules will be dealt with on an individual basis by the BASS board or staff.

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