CCA Hosted Meets


Meets hosted by the CCA Marlins

(Schedule below is tenative and is dependent on final meet schedule and approval)

1) October 8th 2017 -  

          -     'Home & Home' Dual Meet Series #1 vs H2Okie Aquatics

          -     Sunday Oct 8th - Dual held in Christiansburg 8-12:00pm 

2) December 2nd 2017

      -  'Mini-Marlin' Races -   9-11:00am at Carter Athletic Center

       -   Open to all swimmers on MM1 & MM2 groups. 

3) January 27th(28th) 2018 -  

          -       'Home & Home' Dual Meet Series #2 vs H2Okie Aquatics.  Open to any CCA Marlins swimmers please ask your coach about attending.

          - Saturday Jan 28th - Dual Meet at Carter Athletic Center  8-12:00pm

      -  {Sunday Jan 29th} - 2nd day of Dual but will be held in Christiansburg 8-12:00pm 

4) February 10th & 11th 2018 - 2018 SW District 8 & Under Championships

   -    Held/Hosted by CCA & LY at the Jamerson YMCA, Lynchburg (need volunteers)

    -  Open to every CCA swimmer 8 or younger on first day of competition.

- Saturday Feb. 10 - Afternoon Start (will last approx 3 hours)

- Sunday Feb 11 - Mid Morning Start (will last approx 3 hours)

5) February 23rd - 25th 2018

- 2018 VSI SW District & Blue Ridge Regional Champs at the Christiansburg Aquatic Center. 


- Open to all CCA Marlin Swimmers in any event they do not have a VSI Age Group or Senior Championship qualifying time.

 - Fri. thru Sun. = Prelim (swim in the mornings) & Final (top 8 to 16 times from the morning) will swim in the evening each day.

6) July 13-15th 2018 -

   - 2018 VSI Summer Awards Championships, hosted by the CCA MArlins at the Liberty University natatorium.

  - Open to any CCA Marlin swimmers in any event they do not have a VSI Age Group or Senior Championship qualifying time (*note if you qualifed in the winter you are not eligible to compete in those events but you will be able to swim them at Age Groups or Senior Champs)

 - Morning & Afternoon Sessions (Timed Finals = you only swim the event once during the meet)

 - CCA Marlins hosts and we will need all parents to volunteer.