Marlins Program


Marlins Program Philosophy

The Marlins program prides itself in the employment of the most professional coaching staff in the Roanoke Valley. Each of our coaches is American Swim Coaches Association (ASCA) certified, two of which are at least at a Level 3 certification (out of 5). This is to ensure the most advanced training philosophies and technique development possible for your swimmer(s). Our coaches maintain the following in their work:

Our Training Standards

  • There is no substitute for hard work.
  • Teach first, train second- sound technique and aerobic conditioning are the foundations of fast swimming.
  • No one individual is better than the Team.
  • Good communication and cooperation between coach and swimmer, swimmer and parent, and coach and parent is vital.
  • Expect more from the swimmers than they do themselves.

The Marlins coaching staff does not see the first place finisher as the only winner. One of our goals is to encourage every swimmer to feel like a winner and to behave like a winner. There are certain characteristics of a winner; and every swimmer, no matter where they place, has the opportunity to demonstrate those characteristics – enthusiasm, focus, concentration, listening skills, and determination of working toward goals and enjoyment of what they’re doing.

Marlins Program Goals

A Word from the Coaches on Training and Setting Goals
Training is preparation for a future performance. Proper training is preparation for future success. One must learn something from each practice session. This learning should take place both mentally and physically.
Over a long period of time, the individuals who swim and train the hardest will win the most races. Some swimmers have more natural ability than others. Sometimes this is a disadvantage. These swimmers may rely on their ability and shortchange their training. They will eventually be passed by the athletes of lesser ability who have taken advantage of their training opportunities. Hard work always beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard!

Coaching Staff Objectives

  1. To keep the sport of swimming fun and challenging.
  2. To foster progress in the early years of swimming which results from consistent stroke development, regular practice attendance, and active family participation. (i.e., meets, club functions)
  3. To help parents appreciate that their primary responsibility is to provide continuous, unconditional support and not to coach.
  4. To maintain a team attitude resulting from unity, spirit, friendship, and success.
  5. To work closely with officers, board members and parents to ensure successful operation of our club.
  6. To provide progressive training groups that lead to excitement and success as athletes advance through our program.
  7. To make a professional commitment to keep abreast of changes and advances in the field of coaching by reading swimming publications, discussing coaching practices with other coaches and by attending coaching clinics when possible.
  8. To help all team members who are willing to make the necessary commitment of time and effort to achieve their potential.
  9. To develop training programs and practice sessions which are challenging and technically sound while at the same time incorporating enough innovation and variety to maintain the atmosphere of focused fun and enthusiasm which exemplifies the Marlins spirit.
  10. To help CCA swimmers to set reasonable goals—and then to reach those goals.
Marlin Program achievements since 2011:​
  • Virginia Swimming Medium Team Champions
    • 2011 Short Course Age Group - Women's & Combined Team Champions
    • 2011 Long Course Age Group - Women's Team Champions
    • 2015 Long Course Age Group - Women's Team Champions
    • 2016 Short Course Age Group - Women's Team Champions
    • 2016 Long Course  Age Group - Women's & Combined Team Champions
    • 2017 Short Course Senior - Men's Team Champions
  • 20 former CCA Swimmers that compete at the collegiate level:
Trey Lowe:  Virginia Tech (Class of 2017)
Grace Landolt:  Randolph Macon (Class of 2017)
Olivia Stanley:  Davidson College (Class of 2016)
Lindsey Hamilton:  Randolph Macon (Class of 2015)
Lauren Cowher: Marshal University (Class of 2014) 
Kelsey Jones: Emory & Henry College (Class of 2014) 
Ben Kennedy: University of Florida (Class of 2014) 
Annie Lane: University of Richmond (Class of 2014) 
Mackenzie Lingle: Emory & Henry College (Class of 2014) 
Natalie Meyer: Randolph Macon College (Class of 2014)
Mac McNally: Sewanee (Class of 2013) 
Nelson Helm: Washington & Lee University (Class of 2013) 
Claire Adkins -- James Madison University (Class of 2013) 
Jacob Siar -- NC State (Class of 2012) 
Shane Tudor -- George Mason University (Class of 2012) 
Kacy Edsall -- James Madison University (Class of 2012) 
Jackie Crawford -- James Madison University (Class of 2012)  
Alex Vance: University of South Carolina (Class of 2011)  
Lauren Gray: East Carolina University (Class of 2011) 
Margaret Parcell: Virginia Tech (Class of 2011) 
  • 6 former CCA Marlin Swimmers qualified for the 2012 USA-Swimming Olympic Trials
  • 20 + Virginia Swimming State Titles
  • 32 NCSA Junior National Qualifiers
  • 9 swims ranked in USA-Swimming Top 10 by age
  • 9 USA-Swimming Junior National Qualifiers
  • 6 USA-Swimming Senior National Qualifiers
*Updated May 2017