The Marlin Booster Board conducts a number of fundraising events in any given year.  The fundraising effort is critical to the successful operation of the overall program, supporting a wide variety of activities and expenditures that are necessary and important in our competitive swimming family.  To name a few:

  • The Booster Club typically supplements our team travel trip in the winter by subsidizing transportation costs.   
  • The Booster Club also supports the Senior Training Trip by underwriting the cost of transportation (rental vans) 
  • Financial assistance is typically offered for swimmers attending higher level Zone, Sectional & National meets. 
  • In addition the boosters provides funds for the Junior Elite Clinic held in the summer to keep the cost per swimmer down.  
  • Fundraising efforts, in support of team bonding activities, have paid for numerous pizza parties, breakfasts, and other social activities throughout the season(s).
  • The Boosters pay for our long course pool time- it's certainly not free!
  • And finally, the funds are used to supplement Coach's travel which ultimately lowers the amount families have to fund.