The Marlin Booster Board conducts a number of fundraising events in any given year.  The fundraising effort is critical to the successful operation of the overall program, supporting a wide variety of activities and expenditures that are necessary and important in our competitive swimming family.  To name a few:

  • The Booster Club typically supplements our team travel trip in the winter by subsidizing transportation costs.   
  • The Booster Club also supports the Senior Training Trip by underwriting the cost of transportation (rental vans) 
  • Financial assistance is typically offered for swimmers attending higher level Zone, Sectional & National meets. 
  • In addition the boosters provides funds for the Junior Elite Clinic held in the summer to keep the cost per swimmer down.  
  • Fundraising efforts, in support of team bonding activities, have paid for numerous pizza parties, breakfasts, and other social activities throughout the season(s).
  • The Boosters pay for our long course pool time- it's certainly not free!
  • And finally, the funds are used to supplement Coach's travel which ultimately lowers the amount families have to fund.


Kroger Cards

Marlins families can generate fundraising dollars for CCA Marlins Boosters by registering their Kroger Plus cards through the Kroger Community program. 

How the program works: Each quarter, Kroger determines what amount of funds is available for its Community program based on its P&L.  That amount is then divided among all participating organizations based what amount of shopping activity is attributable to their group. When you purchase groceries at any Kroger, that sales amount is applied to the overall "usage" percentage rate that determines our quarterly cut.  Please be aware that gasoline and alcohol sales are not calculated in this program.  In the past, Marlins has generated a 5% return on monthly grocery sales, with no maximum reward.  While the program has evolved, we continue to rely on this fundraising as an important part of our overall fundraising activities. Please register your Kroger Plus card per the below instructions:

  • Go to and select “Sign In” or “Register” in the upper right hand corner

  • If you do not already have an online Kroger account select “Create an Account”

  • After entering your basic account information, enter your Kroger Plus Card number (the 12 digit number on the back of your Kroger card)

  • Under "Community Rewards”, select North Cross - CCA Marlins.The Marlins # is 90703, or you can search by typing the first word or two…just be sure to select the correct account North Cross- CCA Marlins (90703)!

 If you have any questions please contact Jackie Sells at or call 238-9953.