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Financial Agreement

Communication, Membership and Financial Contract:

Coast Guard Blue Dolphins Swim Team is a self-sustaining, 501(c) 3 non-profit organization. The CGBD Board of Directors is responsible for the financial soundness of the team and operates on a defined annual budget that is approved by the general membership. Expenditures and income are budgeted once a year based upon an estimated number of swimmers and the expenses necessary to support that number of swimmers. It is only through prudent management of our resources, and a clear understanding of the following financial obligations and procedures by each family, that the team will continue to provide a quality program for current and future swimmers.

Team Communication:

Team communications are conducted through email and the CGBD website. All team members and families are responsible for checking the website daily, maintaining one working email and for ensuring that the email is entered correctly into their online account throughout the season. If a member is not receiving team information via email, please contact the team administrator to rectify the problem:

USA Swimming:

All CGBD swimmers are required to join United States Swimming, Inc. (USA Swimming) and Virginia Swimming, Inc. (VSI) as an athlete-member at a cost of $75 per year. This fee will be assessed to all swimmers, new and returning regardless of when they join the team. This fee is paid at the time of registration.  Swimmers who transfer from another team who are currently registered with USA Swimming/VSI must notify the team of any previous membership to other USA Swimming teams and when they last represented their former team in the sanctioned and/or approved USA Swimming competition. Transfer swimmers coming from another USA Swimming team must fill out a USA Swimming transfer form. This form can be provided via the Virginia Swimming website: or electronically from the team administrator at

Meet Entry/Fees: 

Families should anticipate meet entry fees to range between $35.00 and $75.00 per meet per swimmer. This meet entry fee is made up of individual event fees as well as Virginia Swimming and CGBD surcharges.  CGBD covers the cost of relays for our swimmers.

All swimmers will be entered in all meets on the CGBD meet schedule that they are eligible to swim.  Coaches will be responsible for picking events for the swimmers.  Families not wishing to participate in the scheduled meet must opt out of the meet prior to the posted cutoff date.  Once the team meet entries have been closed out and sent to the host team, member families will be charged for those entry fees whether their swimmers participate or not in the meet.  Coaches will enter swimmers into championship meets based on availability (unless a swimmer is listed as “not participating” in the meet) and eligibility of the meet.

Swimmer's Accounts/Training Fees/Payments:

Each family will have access to their swimmer's account through the team website system 24/7.  It is the member family’s responsibility to check their account on a regular basis and ensure that it remains current.  We do not prorate training fees. Training fees are required of all swimmers and swim training fees cannot be prorated based upon attendance. If your swimmer swims one day in any given month you are responsible for fees for that month. If a new swimmer registers on or after the 15th of the month, the monthly training fees for that month only will be ½ of standard fees. Training fees, meet fees, apparel items, caps, special events, etc. are all charged to your CGBD account.  Invoices reminders are emailed no later than the 25th of the month.

Annual training fees are paid in nine installments from September through May but cover training expenses for the full swim season (September through August).  Training fees may also be paid in one lump sum at a discounted rate.  There is a training fee discount for each additional swimmer within the same family.  Account invoice payments are due on the first of the month and late after the 10th of the month.


2017-2018 Training Fee Schedule

Training Group

CGBD Annual Reg Fee***

USA Swimming Registration



Total Annual Billing

Pre Paid Amount due by 9/25/15

2nd,3rd,4th swimmer each




$158 x 9 =




or $140 x 9

Age Group



$238 x 9 =




or $212 x 9




$277 x 9 =




or $247 x 9




$315 x 9 =




or $280 x 9

National Prep



$349 x 9 =




or $311 x 9

National Team



$360 x 9 =




or $320 x 9


***There is a $50 discount for swimmers registering prior to August 26, 2017

**Registered swimmers will be receiving three free shirts (gray, blue, yellow), a CGBD cap and a CGBD car magnet with registration. Feel free to purchase additional shirts for family members.
Please click HERE to purchase aadditional shirts

In order to keep our operation costs affordable, signing up for auto-pay (either ACH withdrawal or a Credit Card) through Team Unify for monthly billing is required for the 2017-2018 seasons.  Auto pay ensures that all team member fees are paid in a timely manner, therefore the team bills and staff compensation can be paid in a timely manner. 

Members that do not sign up for auto pay within 21 days of registration will be billed a $500 escrow fee to the next month's invoice.  The escrow will be credited to the July 2018 invoice.

Auto Pay Facts:

1.  Auto-pay through ACH is the most cost effective method for CGBD training fee/invoice payment.  The amount of your invoice is automatically deducted from your checking account on the 1st of the month.  Transaction fees incurred for ACH auto pay will be paid by the team.

2.  Auto-pay with a credit card is an option.  Your credit card will be charged on the first of the month and MEMBERS are responsible for all transaction fees associated with this payment.

3. Checks and cash are not accepted for monthly invoice billing or registration.  The payment delay issues and cost of processing checks is too high for the team to continue to absorb.  Checks are only accepted for lump sum training fee payments and fundraising payments. Checks written for lump sum or fundraising payments that are returned for insufficient funds will be assessed a $50 return fee.

4. It is the member’s responsibility to keep your ACH and CC auto-pay bank information current in the CGBD Team Unify system.  If an auto-pay payment fails on the first of the month, the member has until the 10th of the month to make an on demand payment with a credit card through the team unify system to pay the invoice amount.  On demand payments are assessed a 2.99% plus $0.75 per transaction paid for by the member at the time of payment.  Accounts that are not paid by the 10th of the month are considered delinquent and a $50 late fee will be charged to the account.

Past Due Accounts:

Accounts that become 40 days delinquent will be suspended. Swimmers with suspended accounts may not train, compete or participate in team activities.  Please keep your account current to avoid late fees and consequences to your swimmer.

At 40 days, if no action is taken to resolve the past due account, notification will be sent that the account is suspended and has been turned over to collections. All fees levied in order to collect the debt will become your responsibility to pay in addition to your outstanding balance. Families that are suspended for nonpayment may only rejoin the team with parent board approval and will be charged a $500 reinstatement fee.

Resignation of CGBD Membership:

You must provide written notification of resignation 30 days in advance.  We assume swimmers are continuing with our program all year and will bill your account accordingly unless we receive the proper resignation notification.  Please note that members are responsible to opt out of any meets with a listed cut off date in the thirty day notice time frame if they do not intend to swim in the meet.

Resignations must be submitted to the Team Administrator via email  or through REGISTERED US MAIL to the CGBD office at 607 Lotz Drive Yorktown, Virginia  23692. Verbal notification of resignation to any CGBD staff or BOD member will not be recognized.

If the resignation is submitted beyond the 5th of a new month, your resignation will be effective at the end of the following month, i.e., a resignation is received on February 6 or later, the resignation will not be effective until March 30. 

There are no prorated refunds of training fees for early resignations.  Training fees paid up until the time of resignation are not refundable. The only exception would be if the training fees were paid in one lump sum.  In the case of a resigning swimmer who made a lump sum payment, the remaining balance will be figured as if on the 9 installments plan.

**Graduating high school seniors are responsible for all training fees for the entire 2017-2018 swimming year if they are on the team as of January 1, 2018.**


MEDICAL LEAVE: Medical leave will be granted for long-term illness or injury (5 weeks or longer) of the swimmer, the monthly dues will be reduced by 100% during the time the swimmer is out of the water; partial months are not prorated. The monthly dues are figured as follows:  annual training fee of the ill/injured swimmer divided by 11. Requests for medical leave must be made in writing to the CGBD Team Administrator with authentic, physician signed, medical documentation attached.   Swimmers must submit a release of medical restriction letter written and signed by the treating physician prior to return to practice.  Annual Fundraising, Volunteer commitments and Swimathon commitments are not prorated for Medical Leave of Absence.

All medical leave and early termination requests can be submitted via email at  or through REGISTERED US MAIL to the CGBD office 607 Lotz Drive Yorktown Virginia 23692