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Support Requirements


Team Support Agreement


Objective:  The Team Support Agreement will provide clear expectations to Coast Guard Blue Dolphin’s families participating in our swim programs of the  necessary requirements to operate  this high quality non-profit swim team. 

The requirements outlined in this agreement apply to all families with a swimmer(s) participating in the following Training Programs:  Junior Group, Age Group, Prep Group, Senior Group, National Prep Group, and National Team Group.  While this support agreement outlines financial penalties of not adhering to these requirements, the goal of the Support Agreement is to distribute the needed support across all families and not to collect additional team revenues.   

Team Support is required in four broad categories:  Fundraising, CGBD Meet Support, CGBD Other Event Support.



Each family is required to participate in two team fundraising events.

  • Swim-a-thon:  Each swimmer must raise at least $180.  Any amount less than $180 will be billed to the family in the subsequent month following the Swim-A-Thon.
  • Swim-a-thon information can be found here.
  • Raffle:  Each family must sell $300 worth of raffle tickets.  Any tickets unsold will be kept by the family, eligible for the raffle drawing, and will be billed to the family in the subsequent month following raffle drawing.  Current cost for raffle tickets are $25 each and are issued to each family during the fall.  Submission of sold raffle ticket funds should be submitted by check, no cash will be accepted.  If families would like to be billed in installments (September through December at $75 a month) for the $300, please let the CGBD Team Administrator know at



CGBD Meet Support


Meet support is required by all CGBD families.  Shifts can be worked at either CGBD hosted meets, or non-hosted meets (meets we do not host, “away meets”).  CGBD hosted meet Prelim sessions and Timed Finals sessions will count as 1 shift.  CGBD hosted Finals sessions and 8&Under meets will count as ½ a shift.  Non-hosted meet timer slots will count as ½ a shift.

Each family is required to 7 shifts during short course season.

Each family is required to work 5 shifts during long course season.

CGBD will host five short course meets, (two 8&U meets and three all age meets). 

CGBD will host two long course meets. 

For hosted meets, positions will be filled by first come, first serve through the online sign up approximately two weeks prior to the meet start date. An announcement email will be sent through the official team email notification process used for all other correspondence and the team website will provide event reminders.

Some of the positions required during our hosted meets are: Announcer, Marshals, Head Timer, Timer, Runner, and Concessions.  

For non-hosted meets, when the host of the meet publishes timer requirements (usually a few days before the meet start date), a timer sign-up will be posted on our team website or Signup Genius. 

Our hosted meets are supported by other teams providing timers, and we must reciprocate this responsibility to uphold the excellent reputation CGBD has in the USA swimming community.

Worked shifts will be updated following each meet, and will be made available to families via the CGBD website. Failure to work the required number of shifts will result in a fee of $140 per shift. Fees will be assessed and billed at the end of short and long course seasons.

The following positions will be exempt from the requirements to obtain Meet Support shifts: Apparel Lead and Volunteer Coordinator, Parent Coaches.

In the event a meet or session is cancelled, the family signed up through the website will still receive credit for the shift they would have earned during the session, the total number of shifts required for that season will not be altered.




CGBD Committee Support

At the beginning of 2017-18 season each family will be required to sign up for one of “Other Events” that occur during that season and actively participate in the planning, execution, and success of the event Active participation will result in obtaining the required 4 points. Signup for these events will be available in September. Swimathon, Raffle and Special Olympics are some examples of these events.

The numbers in each event will be defined and will be filled via “first come, first serve” sign up at the CGBD Start-Up picnic

Accumulated points will be totaled at the end of the season, or upon notification of resignation from the team. Failure to accumulate the required points will result in a fee of $40 per point. Fees will be assessed and billed at the end of the short or long course seasons. Families resigning prior to the end of a season will be contacted by the Team Administrator to assess their requirement.