Meet Fees

Meet Fees Explanation

Cavalier Aquatics participates in three types of meets:  dual meets, invitationals and championships.  These meets have varying fees associated with them. 

Well-ahead of the actual event, invitational and championship meets will publish a meet invitation containing all the information you will need to know about the meet.  Some examples of the information include:  meet dates, entry rules, event line-up, awards, etc.  It will also have a section on 'Fees'.  The fees listed are usually broken down into three areas:  Indiv. event fees ($x/event entered), Relay fees, and Swimmer Surchages.  These fees are what Cavalier Aquatics pays to the host.

When Cavalier Aquatics enters a swimmer in a meet, the swimmer will be charged a per-event fee plus any swimmer surcharge levied by the host.  The per-event fee charged to the swimmer will be greater than that posted in the meet invitation as Cavalier Aquatics will add an amount to cover relay costs and coach travel expenses.