Gold Elite Group

 Gold Elite Group

The Gold Elite group is the most accomplished, polished, and dedicated age group swimmers in the CYAC 14 and under program. This group will serve as a jumping board into the CYAC National and Senior programs and will start to introduce the age group athlete into individualized training. An emphasis will be placed on endurance training, IM sets, use of equipment, race strategies, goal setting, and strength training in dryland. There will also be a daily focus on kicking and technique work.

Group Requirements:

-All members of this Group we will be invited by Coach Alex. 

-To serve as a guideline, we would like every swimmer in this group to have two 11-12 age group qualifying times.

-Members of the Gold Elite Group will be required to attend a minimum of 4 practices a week. 


This practice group will be offered to swimmers from the age of 10-14 years old.


The Gold Elite group will only be offered at our Brooks YMCA location.

Season Length:

Members of this group will be required to compete in the Short Course and Long Course Season (year-round). 

Practices Offered Weekly:

CYAC Swimming will be offering the Gold Elite group 6x 1-hour and 45-minute practices weekly. CYAC also offers the Gold Elite group 3x 45-minute weekly dryland workouts. 



*Please Contact Coach Alex if you have any questions about this practice group.