Senior Group

Senior Group

The Senior group is for the dedicated high school and 8th-grade swimmers who aspire to improve in swimming and reach their highest potential as an athlete. The group will serve as a jumping board into the National group and will focus on the individual’s specific training needs. An emphasis will be placed on endurance training, strength training, resistance training, race strategies, goal setting, and time management. There will also be a daily focus on kicking and technique work.

Group Requirements:

-Members of this group will be required to attend 6 practices per week in order to attend YMCA Nationals. Members of this group will also be required to attend 5 practices a week if they wish to attend team travel meets throughout the year. 

-8th graders in this group will be required to attend 5 practices a week in order to participate in this practice group. 


-The Senior group will be offered to all High School Swimmers.

-8th Graders must be invited by Coach Mike and have 4 Virginia age group time standards.


The Senior Group will only be offered at our Brooks YMCA location.

Practices Offered Weekly:

CYAC Swimming will be offering the Senior group 8x 2-hour swim practices per week. We will also offer this group 3x 45-minute drylands every week. 

Season Length:

Short Course and Long Course season. Members of this group will be required to attend 2 maintenance practices a week between their Short Course Championship meet and the start of the Long Course season.