Gold Group

Gold Group

Group Description

The Gold group is an advanced and committed training group of 10-13 year-olds that will focus on improving on the technical side of the sport along with an introduction into more advanced training sets. Developing a love and passion for the sport of swimming will be a common goal for all Gold athletes.  An emphasis will be placed on endurance training, IM sets, use of equipment, introduction to race strategies, goal setting, and strength training in dryland. There will also be a daily emphasis on kicking and technique work. 10-year-old swimmers in this group should be striving to final in multiple events at age groups. While 11-12 swimmers in this group should have the goal of qualifying for age groups in multiple events.

Age Range

-10-13 years old

Group Requirements/Recommendations

-Swimmers in this group are required to attend 3 practices a week, and are recommended to attend 4-5 practices a week for the maximum benefit of the program. 

-Are able to complete 5x100 Free @1:40

-Are able to complete 4x200 IM @4:00

-Are able to kick 10x50 of any stroke @1:15


 The Gold group will only be offered at the Brooks YMCA site with two practices per week offered at Fry Springs during the summer for long course training. 

Practices offered weekly

4x        1.5 hour evening swim workouts

1x        1 hour and 45 minute Saturday swim workout

3x        Weekly dryland sessions

Season Length

-September 9th-August 5th

Coaching Assignments

Leslie Wenert (Lead) Coach Jeremy (Assistant)