Cudas 2

              Cudas 2 Group


Group Description:

The Cudas 2 group is a developmental group for 11-12-year-old swimmers, for swimmers who have advanced out of the Bronze group, or for 9-10-year-olds who are unable to participate in the Silver Group. This group will focus on developing technique and endurance with all four strokes. Developing a love and passion for the sport of swimming in a fun and competitive setting will be a primary focus. An emphasis will be placed on technique, introduction to endurance and training sets, reading the pace clock, flip turns, starts, kicking and having FUN.


Age Range:

9-12 years-old


Group Recommendations:

-Swimmers in this group are recommended to attend 2-3 practices a week if their schedule permits

-Swimmers in this group are encouraged to participate in swim meets

-Swimmers in this group should be legal in all 4 competitive strokes


Practices Offered Weekly:

4x          1 hour and 15-minute evening swimming workouts

3x          15-minute weekly dryland sessions before swim practice


Season Length Options:

Short Course Only: September 16th-March 14th

Session 1: September 16th-December 14th

Session 2: December 16th-March 14th


*We will have a separate Spring/Summer registration for this group in March



Location: This practice group will be offered at our Brooks YMCA site and our Crozet YMCA site


Coaching Assignments: TBA