2020-2021 Short Course


Cavalier Aquatics New Swimmer Evaluations:

Monday August 17 & Tuesday August 18 between 5:30-7:30 pm on a sign up basis only in 15 minute shifts.  


Short course start date:  Wednesday September 9

Revised Short Course Practice Schedule

Short Course Dues Schedule

Short Course Meet Schedule


Registration Checklist

Please submit all 7 forms to the Brooks Family Y front desk or email Coach Leslie at lwenert@piedmontymca.org. 

#1 Registration Form (one Swimmer per athlete)    Print and sign. 

#2 Payment Commitment Form (includes pricing)  Print and sign.  

#3 Social media/photography form   Print and sign. 

#4 Code of conduct form   Print and sign.

#5 Anti-bullying Form  Print and sign.

#6 Minor Athlete Abuse Prevention Policy   Print and sign. 

#7 Electronic Communications form  Print and sign.



Week of August 10-Team Sign ups (current athletes have first pick to have a slot on the team).

August 17&18-New Swimmer Evaluations. 

August 19-New Swimmer Registration Open.

September 9- 2020-2021 Short Course Season begins