Silver Group


Results:  Scavenger Hunt

1st - Henry (22);  2nd - Dorothy (21);  3 way tie for 3rd - Max Tungate (17), the Binters (17), Ben Charlton (17) - Mila (8), Claire (2), Sedona (5), Keegan (3), Rory (13), Beckett (5), Lily (1), Luke (10)

It was fun!!!


Hello letter from Coach Bridget

Please make sure to stay flexible to avoid injury.  Goal for today:  Learn something new.  Following is a little blurb about stretching:


Part of your daily workout routine should include:

1.  1 mile run - no need to run more then that OR 1 mile walk / run OR

2.  2 - 3 mile bike ride (can build up and do more - beautiful time of year to bike)

3.  jumping rope

4.  Hula hoop

State parks are still open for biking, walking, kayaking

Article on Adversity - Alan Goldberg - Sport Psychologist

Mental Training Excercise - Visualization- Bob Steel

There Has Never Been a Better Time to Work on Your Mindset- Oliver Poirier-Leroy

Be Relentless With What You CAN COntrol - Oliver Poirier-Leroy


Goal Setting Worksheet - by and from Coach Bridget

Notebooks - Designed by Coach Bridget