Parent Council

Members of the CYAC swim team Parent Council are volunteer swim parents who are willing to work on various activities required for the swim team to function well. We welcome new members. Our goal is to have every family actively involved in at least one committee or role. If we can accomplish this, we will avoid having a small group of parents doing multiple jobs. Volunteering is a great way for new CYAC families to meet other CYAC families and feel more a part of our team.

The PAC also serves as Practice Group Reps to help answer questions families may have about CYAC, competitive swimming, or anything else related to the sport.

The CYAC swim team Parent's Council's role is to assist the Head Coach to insure proper operation of CYAC in accordance with the mission, principles and policies of the YMCA. It is expected by the Piedmont Family YMCA that CYAC will be effectively run under the direct supervision of the Head Coach.  The Coach is responsible for communicating all Piedmont Family YMCA policies, rules and regulations to swimmers and parents. He is also responsible for insuring that these policies, rules and regulations are adhered to by all coaches, parents and swimmers. The Parent Council assists the Head Coach in accomplishing the required tasks to insure that CYAC operates effectively. The Head Coach reports directly to the Piedmont Family YMCA Executive Director.

The Parent Council chair is Kelly Moore.  She can be reached at