Out Reach Program

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USA Swimming

Virginia Swimming

South Eastern Virginia Aquatics (SEVA)


Outreach Athlete Membership


USA Swimming, Virginia Swimming and South Eastern Virginia Aquatics (SEVA) offers an Outreach Membership at a reduced rate to swimmers/families who qualify on the basis of financial need.


Outreach Membership Qualifications:


The yearly income guidelines used by the local school district to qualify students for the National School Lunch Program Free or Reduced Meals will be used to qualify a swimmer for USA Swimming/Va. Swimming/SEVA Outreach Membership. A swimmer does not have to participate in the actual lunch program in order to qualify for Outreach Membership. A copy of one of the following must be provided to the SEVA business office to show proof of need:


  • National Free or Reduced Meals Program verification form or letter;

  • Medicaid card;

  • Food Stamp Letter;

  • Current signed federal tax return showing the income guidelines has been met;

  • Other documentation that is consistent with the Income Eligibility Guidelines for the National School Lunch Program,


Outreach Membership Benefits:


Once a year USA Swimming/Virginia Swimming/SEVA membership:


$25.00 (the normal rate is $120/$130 depending on the date registered)


Monthly Dues:


$50.00 per swimmer in the Bronze, Silver and Gold Groups (normally $85/$95/$125 respectively)

$75.00 (1 or 2 swimmers in the Age Group, Age Group Elite or Senior Prep Groups. (normally $165.00)

$100.00 (1 or 2 swimmers in the Senior Premier or Senior Elite Groups)


The 3rd, 4th, 5th, etc. child in a family will be charged $60.00 per month no matter what group they are in unless the Outreach Membership amount is lower that this rate.


Swim Meet Entry Fees: (see Booster Club Membership information to have all Entry Fees paid)


For swim meets that take place inside Virginia Swimming boundaries, individual per event entry fees will be reimbursed by Virginia Swimming. The per swimmer amount (normally between $2.50 and $7.50) must be paid by the family. If a swimmer is entered in a meet and does not swim an event, Virginia Swimming will reimburse for only 50% of the individual event fee. In this case, the amount not reimbursed will be charged to the family.


For swim meets outside the Virginia Swimming boundaries, Virginia Swimming does not provide reimbursement.

Outreach Membership Application Procedure:


  1. The family notifies the SEVA business office in writing that they are eligible for this program and provides a copy of one of the above listed proof of need options.


  1. The SEVA business office will verify that the family is qualified. The SEVA business office will confirm with the family if they qualify or not.


  1. The SEVA business office completes and submits a Outreach Membership request to the Virginia Swimming Registration Chairperson. To maximize the family's privacy, the documentation provided will not be forwarded to Virginia Swimming or any other person or organization unless they request to review it.


  1. After the Va. Swimming Registration Chairperson approves the Outreach Membership, the family receives the program benefits for that swim season. The application for this program needs to be completed each season.


SEVA Booster Club Membership To Receive Pool Rental Fee and Swim Meet Entry Fee Support:


Pool Rental Fee:


In order to provide our swimmers with the best facilities possible and the amount of time needed for each level, a rental fee is charged for each family to assist in paying these expenses.


No Pool Rental Fees are charged for swimmers in the Bronze or Silver Groups.


For all other groups, this fee is paid in four payments for full year membership or 2 payments for seasonal members. There is a discount for the 2nd swimmer in and family and no additional charges for the 3rd, 4th, 5th etc. swimmer. If You Decide To Join The SEVA Booster Club, The Booster Club Will Pay ALL Of The Pool Rental Fee As One Of The Many Benefits Of Being a Member. Please read our our web site or ask about the unmatched benefits that the Booster Club provides.


Swim Meet Entry Fee:


Families that are Booster Club Members will have all of their swim meet entry fees paid by the Booster Club. In the case of a swimmer being entered in a swim meet and not competing in any number of events, the family must reimburse the Booster Club for such fees to remain a member in good standing and continue to receive all Booster Club benefits.