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SWIM AND TRI - for all suits and swim gear

Equipment and Uniform Orders

This year's SMAC uniform/equipment vendor is Swim and Tri.   ALL ORDERS CAN BE PLACED DIRECTLY on line with Swim and Tri.  Please use the TEAM portal entry on left.  Our Team Portal entry is SMAC2015.

There are a few choices for suits,  if you are unsure as to which suit to order,  talk to your coach.


Developmental Group:  Fins, Jr Kickboard*, Jr Pull-Buoy, Mesh Bag
Age Group 2 Blue & 2 Red:  Fins, Jr Kickboard*, Jr Pull-Buoy, Mesh Bag
Age Group 3:  Fins, Jr Kickboard*, Paddles, Snorkel, Pull-Buoy, Mesh Bag
Senior Training Group:   Fins, Kickboard*, Paddles, Pull-buoy, Snorkel, Mesh Bag
National Training Group:  Fins, Kickboard*, Paddles, Pull-buoy, Snorkel, Mesh Bag

* Kickboards are available for use at the YMCA, however your athlete may choose to purchase their own kickboard, a kickboard is available on the equipment order form.