SMAC Boosters

2018-2019 SMAC Boosters Club

We Need You!!!  If you have a child that swims on SMAC you are a member of the SMAC Boosters Club and invited to attend our meetings.  See the Home Page under "Team Functions" for the meeting dates and times.

The SMAC Boosters Club meets every month.  See the Team Functions tab on the home page for time and location. The SMAC Boosters Club supports the SMAC team by assisting with fundraising, social events, recruiting, marketing, and anything else we can think of to make the team more FUN for the swimmers.

All parents/guardians of swimmers are members of the SMAC Boosters Club. We need to hear from you to know what we can do to better support you and your swimmer(s).  If you are not able to make a meeting, please send your comments/questions to any of the coaches, the Executive Director of the Y, or Board Members:

President: John Murie

Vice-President: Nickie Snyder

Treasurer: Jen Peifer

Secretary: Patti Nylander  -

USA Swimming Official Representative: Denise Hill 


Additional Volunteers by Committee - 2016-2017

Meet Directors: Sara McKellop

Travel Coordinator: Pam Rule

Volunteer Coordinator: Amy Wagner 

Team Parents:

  • Developmental Group - Nickie Snyder
  • AG 2 Blue - Brian Mason, Sarah McKellop, Ashley Jackson
  • AG 2 Red - Christine Sheffield, Wanda Loya, John Hill
  • AG 3 - Kris Mercer, Sara McKellop
  • SR Gold and Silver - Nickie Snyder
  • New Parents Mentors - Riggan Family, Hill Family

Social Committee:

  • 12 & Under Social Committee Volunteers - Kelly Smith, Ashley Jackson
  • 13 and over Social committee Volunteers - TBD
  • Booster Bash - Denise Hill
  • SMAC Banquet (April)  Fitzgeralds to mentor others

 Fundraising Committee:

  • Grocery Cards / Scrip Program – ?
  • Chic-Fil-A night - ?
  • SMAC Apparel – Amy Wagner, Wanda Loya
  • Swim-a-Thon - Muries, Hills,  Jen Peifer

Officials: Tom Woodworth, Laura Riggan, Scott Mercer, Nickie Snyder, and Denise Hill.

As needed helpers:  Melissa Nygaard


Booster Club Meeting Minutes

Click on the date of the meeting for a copy of the Booster Club minutes. (or right click and "save target as" to save a copy to your PC)

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