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Gator Mythbusters

M Y T H B U S T E R S 

Myth – Year-round swimming is too expensive.

Fact – Fees range from $125-$200 per month.  Fee reduction is also available through participation in our Bingo/Banner program.  Depending on the group your child swims, this equates to between $1.25-$2.50 per hour of instruction.  When comparing the hours of activity available versus other ‘traditional’ sports, swimming is a fraction of the cost. 

Myth – My child won’t be able to do other sports and maintain practice attendance requirements.

Fact – There are no attendance requirements for our Novice level swimmers.  We value balance in our members’ athletic experience; however, we also value consistency as it relates to long term improvement.  We do our best to create schedules that avoid conflicts.

Myth – If my child begins year-round swimming at a young age, he/she will ‘peak’ too early.  It’s better to wait until High School.

Fact – Sports physiology tells us that there are sensitive stages in children’s learning and development.  It is more difficult to reach full potential, when specific periods are not engaged.  For swimming, the kinesthetic awareness of learning the strokes properly is best achieved at young ages, and the increase of aerobic capacity is best developed at the onset puberty.

Myth – My child likes swimming, but will burnout under the pressures of a year-round swim team.

Fact – At the Gators we have a structured, progressive program that makes the pursuit of competitive excellence enjoyable.  Many of the best swimmers in the area began at a young age just to have fun.

Myth – Swim meets will take up all of our weekends.

Fact – Not all meets are mandatory and typically occur once per month.  Nearly every meet for our Novice and Developmental athletes are held in the Roanoke region.

Myth – If my child is not a super-star swimmer in summer league, year-round swimming is out of the question.

Fact – If your child likes swimming and wants to keep learning, our program is going to make a significant difference.  It’s more fun, more learning, more experience.

Myth – Year-round competitive swimming programs like the Gators only focus on the individual.

Fact – Our team is more like family, who support each other.  We have seen the best individual performances result from the encouragement of the team behind the swimmer.  Anyone who attends a swim meet would be unable to deny the incredible group passion and camaraderie that exists between teammates and competitors alike. 

Myth – Practices are too much of a time commitment.

Fact – The Gators offers multiple practice schedules for Novice level swimmers.  While swimmers are encouraged to attend all practices, the Gators can accommodate most schedules to ensure the child is able to meet his/her goals.

Myth – The Gators program only focuses on ‘yardage’, my child needs to learn fundamentals and strokes.

Fact – Stroke mechanics, starts, and turns are all a part of the Gators training program.  However, these need to be done together with developing the capacity to train (endurance and muscle memory).  Swimmer development takes months and years not days or weeks.