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Welcome to Vallejo Aquatic Club!  

When a swimmer joins the team, they are thought of as a member of our family and as a long-range swimmer. Vallejo Aquatic Club (VJO) is a year-round, non-profit USA swim team that has been around and teaching swimmers for over 60 Years!

Our primary focus is to provide the opportunity for each individual swimmer to reach their potential in the sport of competitive swimming and to have fun while doing it! We focus on concepts such as teamwork, sportsmanship, goal-setting, motivation, and dedication.

Below you will find information to help you make the most of your VJO experience - from practice times and tips to how to enter and navigate your first swim meet. If you have any questions or concerns - please don't hesitate to contact one of our Board Members or Coaches.

Again, welcome and we are looking forward to a great season this year and for the many seasons ahead!

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Frequently Asked Questions:

What do I need to bring to practice?  You will need the following: swim suit, goggles, swim cap, floating fins and kick board.  For Junior, Pre-Senior and Senior group swimmers, please ask your coach for your additional equipment list.

How can I contact my coach:  The best way to contact your coach is by email and/or arrange a time to meet before or after practice if needed.  Parents can speak with coaches on deck *before* and *after* practice.  Please do not discuss questions or other issues with the coahes when they are working with swimmers in the water.

When can I sign up for my first swim meet?  Ask you coach and your coach will let you know when you are ready for your first swim meet.  In most cases, they will let you know which events you are ready for and how to sign up and what to do the day of the meet.  Please review the Swim Meet Info page prior to attending your first meet, and feel free to contact a coach or Board Member if you have any questions.

What if I am having trouble paying my monthly dues?  If you are unable to pay or will be late with payment, please contact the Treasurer ASAP.  The sooner you communicate with us, the sooner we can help you come up with solutions - we have several forms of financial assistance and are always willing to work with you if you are experiencing a hardship.  However, if your account becomes delinquent and you do not give us notice, we will have to keep your swimmer out of the water until we can reach an agreement.

When will I move up to the next level/age group?  Your coach will determine when you are ready to move into another group. This is partially determined by age and partially determined by level.  Please look at the links for each group for a general idea of what is required for each group.  The coaches meet regularly to discuss swimmers, so you can rest assured they are always evaluating each swimmer.  If you have any concerns or questions about your swimmer's progress, do not hesitate to speak with your coach.  Please also read this article about the parent-swimmer-coach relationship.

Why are volunteer hours required?  VJO is a not-for-profit volunteer run organization.  We offer elite coaching at a relatively reasonable cost.  We depend on our families to volunteer to keep the team running.  Our Board members are all parent volunteers, and our home swim meets - which not only provide a terrific opoortunity for our swimmers to compete with other local competitive swimmers, but also provide the majority of our operating budget for the year - run solely on parent volunteer hours.  We simply cannot exist without parent volunteers. If you would like to help or have a particular skill or talent you would like to contribute, please contact out volunteer coordinator.

What if I cannot attend and volunteer at a home meet?  Contact our Volunteer Coordinator right away.  Although 10 volunteer hours are required of each family at each home meet, we have *many* other opportunities for you to help and make up these hours if you are unable to attend.  You must give the Coordinator advance notice, however, that you will not be attending the meet, to avoid a penalty

Can I attend a Board meeting?  Absolutely - we encourage you to attend and stay informed.  Board meetings are generally held on the second Wednesday of the month in the Cunningham Pool portables.

Why do I need to join Pacific Swimming?

Can we take a break for the winter?

What if I swim for a rec team during the summer/fall, can I still swim with VJO in the off season?