Volunteer Info


Parent Volunteer Requirements                                                                                          

VJO Policies and Procedure state that each family is required to volunteer a total of 10 hours each home swim meet. The volunteer requirement is met through Volunteering at Swim Meets. In addition, volunteer hours are available for serving on the Board of Directors and officiating and timing at away meets. The volunteer requirement is calculated one month following a home swim meet.

Failure to Comply: Each family will be charged $15 for every hour not fulfilled during that swim meet/officiating/timing within one month of home swim meet.

Families may not roll hours over, this includes hours worked over the 10 required hours or hours that they are billed for.

Families will not be required to fulfill the volunteer hours  requirement while their swimmer(s) is on inactive status.

Volunteer hours cannot be prorated  during a given month.  Even one day of swimming in a month obligates the swimmer’s family for volunteer hours that month.


Submitting Volunteer Hours

Volunteer hours are tracked and accounted through quarterly statements that verify the number of hours a family has submitted toward their obligation.  When an individual volunteers for the team, they are required to sign up for jobs online or submit their own hours manually.  Failure to submit your volunteer hours may result in a bill for unmet hours.  VJO recommends that families keep track of their own submitted volunteer hours and reconcile their records with quarterly statements.  Volunteer hours may be submitted:

         In person  - “Volunteer Hours” file located in the VJO family file folder Box in the Shark tank

         Via Email -  vhours  (Melody Cannon - Volunteer Coordinator)

*Please include: Parent and swimmer(s) names, event, date, times you volunteered, total hours and Job description



Swim Meet Volunteers                                                                                                           

The Vallejo Aquatic Club hosts at least 3 swims meets a year at the John F. Cunningham Pool in Vallejo. VJO depends on swim meets as a major source of revenue. The more parents we have trained to fill the various official roles at swim meets, the better.

The need for trained officials cannot be overstated. All meets attended by VJO require a one official for every 10 VJO swimmers. If this requirement is not met the team is fined $100 per session per day. Meets cannot be held unless there are enough officials to run the meet. For further information, contact the Officials Chairperson, Phil Grant, [email protected]


Swim Meet Officials Officials: Our Officials are our ambassadors for Vallejo Aquatic Club and for the sport of swimming. They are responsible for ensuring that swimmers comply with the technical rules of swimming on stroke, kick, turns and finishes. NOT TO FEAR!! In-depth training sessions will be provided to those volunteers. Please consider becoming a VJO Official, because without Officials, our swimmers will be prohibited from competing.

• Stroke and Turn Judge

• Starter

• Referee

• Colorado Operator

• Computer Room Operator


Other Swim Meet Volunteer Areas:                                                                                  

Adobo Chef: Prepares the Chicken Adobo for the Snack Bar.                                                 

Announcer: An announcer should have a clear, pleasant voice and be able to function under pressure in the midst of a noisy crowd and a demanding referee. Responsible for announcing events and heats so that all at the pool are aware of where we are in the meet.                                  

Awards: Work at awards table. Place labels on awards and distribute to eligible swimmers.

Check In/Clerk of course: Check in all swimmers and confirm swimmer’s events. Manage the length of the meet by closing events 30 to 60 minutes before the event begins.                         

After Meet Clean-up: Help clean up and /or break down all canopies and meet equipment.

Colorado Timing Operator: Experience working with computers is not necessary. Work in the Colorado Timing booth, next to the starter. Responsible for operating the system that gives swimmers their results.                                                                                                      

Computer Operator: Responsible for running the swim meet software; Seeding events once they have been closed at Clerk of Course; Entering results from each event; and Printing results. The Computer Operator will shadow the computer office lead for training.                                 

Head timer: Supervise timers. Start two watches every heat in case any timers watch fails.

Hospitality: Serve snacks, beverages and meals to coaches, officials and meet workers.        

Meet Marshal: Enforce safety procedures during warm up and maintains order in the swimming venue.                                                                                                                                           

Meet Runner: Gather and distribute all paperwork including Timing sheets, heat and lane assignments, results and all paperwork from the Colorado. Comfortable shoes a must.            

Parking Attendant: Early in the morning of each meet, this person will monitor the coaches/ officials parking lot to ensure that only those authorized gain access.                                       

Potato Baker: Bakes potatoes at home for snack bar.                                                           

Program Sales: Sell programs during the meet and field general questions.                               

Silent Auction Coordinators: Create and sell Silent Auction items and collect donations from club  members.                                                                                                                                

Meet Set Up: Help set up and/or break down all canopies and meet equipment.                                

Snack Bar: Set up, prepare food and serve in the snack bar. Major source of swim meet revenue.


Board of Directors & Coordinator Volunteers                                       

Board of Directors The officers of the Club are : President, Vice-President/President-Elect, Secretary and Treasurer. The Executive Board consists of President, Vice-President/ President-Elect, Secretary and Treasurer, and three Members-at-Large. Board positions are nominated and elected by the annual General Membership Meeting in September. All officer positions have a one-year term, except for the VP/President-Elect position, which has a 2-year term, commencing on October 1st. The maximum term for officers is two consecutive years. For additional information, refer to the Vallejo Aquatic Club By-Laws.

2020-2021 Board of Directors

President: Hiedi Scharfenberg ([email protected] )                                 

Vice President/ Pres-Elect: David McQuilling ([email protected])

Secretary: Jennifer Pettit ([email protected] )                         

Treasurer: Madelyn Cueva ([email protected] )


The VJO Board of Directors is comprised of four elected officers and five appointed members. The appointed positions are appointed by the President and approved by the other officers. The five appointed Board members are:

1.  Meet Director – David McQuilling ([email protected])   Coordinates and  oversees meets hosted by VJO.                                                                                        

2. Officials Chairperson - Kia Kalama ([email protected])   Coordinates and oversees officials for the Club.    

3. Communications Chairperson  - Tamara Kawashiri ([email protected]). Coordinates VJO’s internal and external communications.  

4. Membership Chairperson - Blanca Prado ([email protected]).    

Manages registration of new members and maintains current membership list.  Manages the Club’s Pacific Swimming Registration.  

5. REAL / Zone 3 Representative –  Coach Jennifer Thiem ([email protected]) represents VJO in all REAL and Zone 3 board meetings and activities.


Coordinator Volunteers

Volunteer Coordinator  - Melody Cannon ([email protected])                                           

Organizes volunteers for swim meets, fundraisers and other team functions.  Coordinates and communicates with Parents and Board to manage volunteer hours.


Swim-A-Thon Coordinator - Lesley Ruzsel ([email protected])                                                                                                       

Each year, usually during the month of June, the Vallejo Aquatic Club participates in USA Swimming Swim-A-Thon. Swimmers earn money for the team by swimming lengths of the pool. Each swimmer is encouraged to swim 2 hours or 200 lengths. Each Family is encouraged to raise $200. Coordinators will:

• complete and mail a contract to USA Swimming

• send out packets with pledge information to families

• assist in creating incentive prizes with Board of Directors

• organize food & beverages for the event


Event Coordinator  - ([email protected])                                                

Works with the Board and Head Coach to help organize and set facilities for our VJO events. Also helps organize volunteers for setup and clean-up.

• Awards Banquet

• Holiday Party

• Halloween Party

• Summer Pool Party and Alumni Reunion

• Monthly Social Events


Fundraising Coordinator

Collaborate with the Board and Head Coach to organize team fundraisers for the Club.    


Publicity & Grant Writing Coordinator                                                                                          

Works with the Board & Head Coach to increase public awareness of VJO. Includes:  interacting with other organizations such as schools and civic groups.  Applies for and prepares Grants.


Sponsorship Coordinator

Reaches out to local businesses for team sponsorship.  Manage and maintain relationship between VJO and business sponsor by renewing contracts annually, ensuring publicity  and advertisement of the business during home swim meets and on the team bulletin board and website.


Equipment Manager -                                                                                        

Work with the Meet Director, Board, & Head Coach to keep equipment inventoried & maintained.


Team Apparel Coordinator  -                                               

Process and deliver orders for team wear; t-shirts, shorts, sweatshirts, parkas, warm up suits, etc.


Thank you!
Volunteers are an integral part of the program at Vallejo Aquatic Club
We couldn’t do it without you!