Having current information is important to the success of each ODAC swimmer and the club itself. We are posting some articles that we think will help continue our parents education about swimming and also some information that the coaching staff thinks will be helpful.
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The Ideal Swim Parent

Why is Swimming a Year Around Sport
Moving from Summer League to Year Around Swimming
Swimming is an Investment
What to Expect at Swim Meets
H is for Having Fun
 Improvement’s Torturous Path
 How Can You Help Your Swim Team
Practice and Competition for 10 and unders 
Adjusting to Different Stroke Techniques 
  What is Long Course, What is Short Course?
Success in Athletics 
  Sticking With Swimming….What Can a Parent Do?
Kids and Sport 
Officials and Their Duties 
 Competition and Children
 The Importance of Fluid Replacement During Training For Age Group Swimmers
  Goals and Values
  The Ten Commandments For Parents of Athletic Children
  Watching Your Child at Swim Lessons or Swim Practice
Learning Good Starts 
  Goggle Guide

Smart Eating for Swimmers on Race Day


What Parents Should Say as Their Kids Perform

10 tips to be your best