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Practice Changes

On Friday 4/25, GRAP will be setting up for the RTC Sprint Triathlon which will be held on Saturday, 4/26.  This will not have any impact on Friday practice (see practice changes below), but it will impact the parking situation and access to certain areas of the lot.  The two sections immediately in front of the main entrance will remain open. Overflow will have to go onto the street.  Drop off/Pick up at the front door will still be accessible.

Please note that the following areas will be closed to vehicles on Friday after 11:00 am:

-          East parking off of the patio area (from dumpsters to easternmost entrance to lot)

-          South east area between the first two entrances into the parking lot (in front of the fire lane)

-          West parking along the Kickers fields

-          Southwest arm that wraps around into the kickers area

-          Due to closed areas, cars will not be able to access the rear parking areas

April 25,added to the schedule since all 4/26 practices are canceled due to an event here at the pool.
White group, 6-7 PM
Blue group, 6-7:15 PM
April 26, no practices offered for any group


******All athletes must use the front doors to enter and exit the facility. The pool door on the pool deck is off limits due to the cold temperatures. Please get in the habit of using the front doors moving forward.

Watch the website for further practice cancelations or changes.
Beginning the week of January 20th, Age Group Bronze and Junior Group will have an earlier start time one additional day per week. Moving forward on Wednesdays, Bronze Group will start at 6:00pm and Junior Group will remain at scheduled time. On Thursdays, Junior Group will start at 6:00 pm and Bronze will remain at normal scheduled time. All other scheduled practice times will remain the same.

The aquatics center opens to the public at 12:00 noon on Saturdays so we are in the building without the support of the GRAP staff. Poseidon Swimming athletes and parents please follow the procedures below for all Saturday training sessions to provide safety and building security.  

  • All Poseidon Swimming members are to enter and exit the building via the east end competition pool door. No one is to exit through any other door.
  • The front door to the facility must not be opened for any reason.
  • The entrance hallway double doors will remain locked and no one will be allowed to enter the front of the building. Locker room doors will remain locked on the community side of the building.
  • Parents viewing training from the spectator seating must enter and exit the stands via the east end stair well.
  • At the conclusion of Saturday training Poseidon will flip the pool to long course. This is a tremendous assistance to the GRAP staff and can be accomplished quickly will all hands working together.
  • All athletes must depart the building in a timely fashion. There have been many athletes waiting out front long after we are finished. Please be respectful of the coaches time as a designated coach will remain until all athletes are picked up.

Thank you for your attention and support.