SR Meet Policy

Senior Championship Meet Policy


Wave Aquatics is an athlete-centered program so we make decisions based on what is best for the athletes and the team. Our increased performance levels are because of our shift in focus to the people that our decisions most directly impact, the athletes.


For reasons of performance and team building we have a Senior Championship Meet Policy, that applies to the following meets:

  • WA State Senior Short Course Championships
  • Washington Open
  • Spring and Summer Senior Sectionals
  • Spring Divisionals
  • LC PNS Champs
  • Futures
  • Senior Western Zones
  • Junior Nationals (when held at KCAC)
  • Senior Nationals (when held at KCAC)


Championship Meets will be highlighted on both our Meet Schedule as well as our Senior Weekly Updates.


Athletes in our senior program are required to attend a season ending championship meet each season – Fall (meets in December), Winter (meets in March), Spring/Summer (meets in July/August). 


These policies are based on asking the athletes’ “What type of team do you want to be at meets?” Below is the list of Swim Meet Policies as recommended by our athletes. 

If you have any questions, check with your coach.


Together Everyone Achieves More

Together We Make a Wave



Senior Program Meet Policies

Every Meet:

·         All swimmers are required to stay at the session until the last Wave Athlete swims

·         Team Banner Goes Up

·         Team Shirts in the right order: Black, White, Purple, Wildcard, repeat

·         Secret Buddy System; buy a gag gift for your assigned Secret Buddy (maximum $5)

·         Team Meal: Either a lunch between sessions or lunch/dinner after the last session of the meet


Prelim/Final Championship Meets:

·         TYR Tech Suits required

·         All swimmers are required to stay at the session until the last Wave Athlete swims

·         Make special t-shirts-DIY style

·         Make SC/LC Championships meets or specific travel meets into team travel meets; rent a van, get hotels, etc.

·         If any Wave athlete qualifies for Finals, everyone in the meet attends Finals to cheer

·         Each day of the meet, the Finals session has a theme, 80’s day, Shrek day, etc… everyone attending dresses to participate in the theme

·         Bring Activities to play between sessions; Catopoly, Uno, etc… these should be multiplayer games to involve your teammates

·         Coaches will coordinate athlete meals for long sessions; delivered lunch, snacks and drinks