Summer League FAQ’s


Q. How often is practice?

Practices are Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday morning at the Juanita High School pool from 9:00-10:30am.


Q. What do we need at practice?

A competitive suit, goggles that work well that you can dive with, and for those with longer hair or want to take care of their hair a swim cap.


Q. Where is a good place to get a racing suit, goggles, etc.?

Wave has been a long time supporter of Sylvia’s Swimwear, a local company with retail stores in Bellevue and Seattle. You can find out more at their website: www.goswim.com


Q. Are we required to attend every practice?

No, you are not required to attend every practice but the more you are there the more you will learn and grow!


Q. Can we get a refund on missed practices?

No. Summer Swim Team is a flat fee regardless of how many meets and practices you attend.


Q. When are meets?

The first meet will be on July 20th, the second meet is TBD and the third meet will be on August 11th, more information to follow.


Q. How many meets should we attend?

All of them! Meets are a chance to see how you are improving at practice.


Q. What should we expect at meets?

>There will be mistakes but help your swimmer learn and grow from them

>Swimmers will be nervous before races, but that is normal. Keep it positive and know that once they get in to race they will be just fine

>To cheer for your teammates and have them cheer for your swimmer

>That kids will learn a lot from the experience


Q. How do we sign-up for meets?

Meet sign-up will be done through the website following these directions:

1. Go to www.waveaquatics.org

2. Sign in (sign in button is upper left side of page below main buttons)

3. Click on Meets & Events button

4. Click on meet of choice from list on that page

5. Upper right side of page there is a Attend this Event button- click on that

6. You will see- Click on Member Name to declare for this Event:

7. Click on your swimmer’s name, then on the next page you will see where it says select- there is a drop down, you want ‘Yes please sign _____ up for this event’

8. Below that there is space for notes to the coach such as Tina really wants to swim the 50 breast, or whatever.


Q. If we are signed up for a meet but cannot make it what should we do?

Please contact Coach Robby right away as he will need to make line-up changes. The sooner you can let him know, the better.

coachrobby@waveaquatics.org  253-722-4119