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Redmond Pool

17535 NE 104th St.

Redmond, WA 98052



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Our program and how we teach:


Layers and Repetition

Our approach to teaching swimming is based on elements of a method that has been in practice for over twenty years. WAVE has adopted some of the finer points of this program and incorporated them into our own, proven philosophy on teaching children of all ages to be water-safe.

Our program is based on repetition and layers, an approach which we believe maximizes a child’s ability to learn and retain new skills. Just like learning math skills in school, we start with the simple basics. Once those skills have been mastered, we add progressively more challenging, but related skills. Each level is intricately related to the level before it and the level after. Our lesson plans also take advantage of the power of repetition in a learning environment.

We understand well that for a child to attain a more solid mastery of new skills, their exposure in the learning environment is best served as smaller, more manageable pieces of information over a prolonged period of time. We believe that though participation in a more intensive program may achieve rapid results in a child initially, the child’s ability to retain skills over the long term is significantly decreased. For example, when a child takes a break after completing a short intensive summer program, it is understood that they will lose approximately half of what they learned by the following summer. Taking once a week lessons, year round, maximizes the child’s ability to retain the skills they have learned and best prepares them to learn progressively more advanced skills. Over the long term, students who take lessons in such a program will enjoy a steadier and more solid development in their swimming skills and are likely to become happier, more confident swimmers.

Past, Present, and Future

One of the most important aspects of our school is the way that we teach. In order to boost our students’ confidence, each class starts with an activity or skill that they already know. This is the past: previously mastered skills from a ribbon level they have already attained. About five minutes is spent on these skills in every class. Next, it is time to begin working on present skills. These are the new skills that students are currently trying to master. About fifteen minutes should be spent on this. The following five minutes of class is spent introducing future skills, needed to achieve their ribbon in the next level.