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High School Pre-Season
Walnut Creek Aquabears
2021-2022 High School Pre-Season Program


It is time to get ready for the upcoming high school swim season.  What are you going to do to prepare yourself?

Since you will be competing with the fastest local high school swimmers, it would be best to practice with them as you get ready for the season.  Register with our Senior Group and prepare yourself for a successful High School Swim Season.

Your experience with our team will be best as a full member of our team - practicing in our Senior practice group, learning and improving with our year-round coaching staff, competing in our meets, and experiencing all our team has to offer.  It is our hope that you will look back on these couple of months and decide to stay with us for the long term - either at the beginning of February, or after your high school season, or sometime down the line.

If you want to be eligible to swim with your summer-rec team in 2022, you may join now, practice and compete until 2/7/2022, the official start date of the 2022 High School Swim Season.

Please click here to read through our team information.  If you decide you would like to swim with us for the through the start of the high school swim seasn, then click here to register for the team.  Swimmers may start swimming at any time, and leave the team when they choose to.

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We do not set the rules for summer team participation.  Each local team, league or conference, follows it's own eligibility guidelines.  The following is our understanding of the broad local eligibility guidelines, based on what they have been in previous years:

Swimmers in 8th grade and below may swim and compete with the Walnut Creek Aquabears until December 31, 2021 and remain eligible for the 2022 summer season.

Swimmers in 9th grade and above may swim and compete with the Walnut Creek Aquabears until the start of the 2022 High School Swim Season (usually early February - but must compete as unattached swimmers after January 1, 2022) and remain eligible for the 2022 summer season.

Please check with your summer team to confirm their eligibility rules.