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Walnut Creek Aquabears
2018 Senior Meet Schedule


Date          Meet                          Location            Note

4/15          OAPB C/B/BB+ Meet             TBA                 Enter on Sunday only

5/3, 4, 5     High School League Meets      various             for HS swimmers

5/11, 12      High School NCS Meet          Concord, CA         for HS that qualify

5/13          WCAB Post-NCS Meet            Pleasant Hill, CA   for all Seniors

5/18, 19      High School State Meet        Clovis, CA          for HS that qualify

6/2, 3        OAPB Senior Open Meet         Moraga, CA          not going to this meet

6/9, 10        WCAB C/B/BB+ Meet (lcm)  Pleasant Hill, CA   for all Seniors

6/7 to 10     Santa Clara Pro Series (lcm)  Santa Clara, CA     for qualifiers

6/23, 24      VJO Sr. Open Meet (lcm)       Vallejo, CA         for all Seniors

7/13, to 15   WCAB Sr. 2 P&F Meet (lcm)     Pleasant Hill, CA   for all Seniors

7/25 to 7/29  Far Westerns (lcm)            Moraga, CA          Peak Meet for some

7/31 to 8/4   Western Zone Senior (lcm)     Clovis, CA          Peak Meet for some

8/4, 5        Summer's End Classic (scy)    Pleasant Hill, CA   Peak Meet for some