Membership Fees

2019 Member Registration Will Open During November


Walnut Creek Masters Swim Team welcomes continuing and new members to our 2019 on-line registration. We look forward to a robust 2019 swimming year, featuring challenging and varied daily workouts for our members, the camaraderie of swimming with your friends, a full schedule of Pacific Masters Association competitive swim meets including our hosted meets in July and October, another Pacific Masters Open Water competition schedule,  the opportunity to participate in our innovative Adult Learn to Swim teaching program, social activities, and a few surprise events from  expert staff of coaches led by award-winning Masters Coach Kerry O’Brien. There’s something for swimmers of all levels in our Programs, whether you are a novice swimmer, a fitness swimmer, or a competitive swimmer. Our 2019 member fee options are as follows:

  • Annual Pre-Paid Membership With Unlimited Pool Pass: $1035
  • Annual Membership Paid in Monthly Installments With Unlimited Pool Pass: $95/mo
  • Annual Membership With Separate Pay-As-You-Swim Pool Pass: $360 (includes an initial 15-swim pass) -    Note: 1/2 Year Membership effective June 1, 2019 through December 31, 2019: $190 (includes an initial 15-swim pass)
  • Additional 15-swim Pass: $75
  • Associate Membership: $50
  • Rossmoor Membership: $535
  • College and Partial Year Memberships Available Later in 2019
  • Daily Drop-in Fee (for visitors and prospective new members): $8

For continuing members:

We have found it necessary to raise our 2019 fees by a modest amount.  With no fee increase last year, we were able to break even with revenue meeting our expenses. Facing rising expenses in 2019, our 2019 increases range from 2-3%. All continuing members should follow the link on our home page to renew their membership. Please be sure that your credit card information is up to date and that you register using the account name currently on file (duplicate memberships cause headaches for our back office staff.) If you need help accessing your member account, please contact Team Manager Bosco.  If you find it necessary to request special financial arrangements please also contact Bosco for a confidential discussion.

For new members:

The following brief information should help you understand our unique array of membership options.  If you plan on participating in a heavy schedule of workouts throughout the year (averaging more than 3 per week, including Saturday workouts) we offer unlimited annual membership workout plans. You may choose to pay an annual membership fee, or alternatively a monthly payment plan. In either case you will receive a membership card that will enable you to pass through the front desk at Clarke Pool anytime between 5:30 am and 1 PM, and from 7 PM to 8 PM to participate in our scheduled workouts or an individual workout of your own.

If you do not plan to be a frequent workout participant, our “Annual Membership – Pool Pass Separate” plan may be best for you. With this plan your WCM expense depends upon how frequently you participate in workouts.  You pay an initial WCM membership fee and you receive your membership card that enables you to pass through the Clarke Pool front desk for 15 WCM workouts. You may request additional workouts on your account at any time using the link on our home page. When your request additional workouts, your credit card account will be charged an additional $73 and your pool entry account will be increased for 15 additional workouts. We encourage you to purchase more than a single 15-workout pass if you are able.

New members who register in November and December for 2019 can use their new memberships for the remainder of 2018.   Please contact Team Manager Harold Boscovich  (Bosco) regarding using your new membership for the remainder of 2018 (email: hboscovi@pacbell.net).  You will need to register for 2019 via the online registration process.

All Members must first separately register with USMS

Note:  All continuing and new WCM members must separately register with USMS for 2019 before their WCM membership can be accepted. USMS registration will require a separate fee and payment.  If you have not already registered with US Masters Swimming, please do so now:  http://www.usms.org/reg/register.php

A Special Message About Donations

All WCM members registering for 2019 are once again encouraged to consider making a voluntary donation to WCM.  This year we are again counting on member donations to help supplement our member fees and to rebuild our team's cash reserves following the pool closures in November and December. Our goal for 2019 is to increase our total donations to 10% of our revenues. As you register you will navigate through the voluntary donations screen which includes a link to the WCM donation screen, where you can charge your donation to your credit card on file. Also, anyone at any time may make a donation using the link on our website home page.  WCM is a recognized tax-exempt organization and donations are potentially tax deductible for you - check with your tax advisor.