JV/Varsity Letters

Walnut Creek Masters Varsity and Jr. Varsity Letters

WCM awards members with junior varsity and varsity block WC letters based on a self-monitored point system.

By participating in sanctioned meets and open water events, swimmers will accumulate points for: 1)  entering events; and 2) placing in individual events.  Points are allotted according to a sliding scale based on one's age group.

Local Swim Meets:
Swimmers receive 10 points for entering the meet and
 PLACE:     1st      2nd      3rd        4th      5th       6th      7th      8th
 POINTS:      9        7          6          5         4           3          2        1    

Pac Masters Championships
Swimmers receive 20 points for entering the meet and
  PLACE:     1st      2nd       3rd       4th      5th       6th      7th       8th       9th      10th
  POINTS:  A-JV     12          11        10         9         8         7           6         5         4  
First Place = Automatic JV Letter + 15 pts.
Age-Group High Point = Automatic Varsity

National Championships
Swimmers receive 30 points for entering the meet and  
  PLACE:     1st       2nd       3rd       4th      5th      6th      7th       8th       9th    10th  
  POINTS:    A-V      20         18        17       16       15       14        13        12      11
First Place = Automatic Varsity Letter

Open Water
Swimmers receive 20 points for entering swim and
       1st       2nd        3rd        4th       5th      6th       7th       8th       9th      10th    11th
     A-JV      16          14          12        11       10          9         8          7         6         5


JV Letter = 75 points

Varsity Letter = 150 points

Points are accumulative within the same calendar year.  Tabulations can carry over from one course to the next to open water events.

Track your results and points and submit them to one of the Coaches when you are ready to receive your WC letter and be recognized!


Local meet results can be found at www.pacificmasters.org .  Click on “Results” on the right sidebar, with each meet  under its own tab.

National results can be found at www.usms.org .  Click on “Events and Results” tab.