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Junior Group



The Junior group is the first of our three ‘seasonal’ groups and is for swimmers between the ages of 10-13. Practices typically last for 90-120 minutes and there are 6 practices a week offered.  For all of our seasonal groups, there are attendance requirements, and the requirement is that a Junior swimmer attends at least 7 practices every two weeks. 


For swimmers of this age there are different groups within BAC, and the seasonal groups are intended for athletes that are interested in making a strong commitment to club swimming and to BAC.  They are only offered as ‘seasonal’ groups, i.e. spring AND summer, fall AND winter, and all have attendance requirements.  These groups will also have requirements in terms of meet participation that will vary within the group and the season.


The Junior group is designed for those swimmers that already have more perfected strokes and are looking to take the next step in their swimming from a competitive, training, and commitment standpoint.  Swimmers will be introduced to higher training volumes than in past groups and dryland exercises will take on an added intensity.


Junior swimmers nearly always have prior USA Swimming experience with BAC, although some athletes may be new.  The Junior group tends to be more homogenous than many of our younger groups, with the swimmers having more of a shared vision and goal of taking swimming seriously and getting better. Junior swimmers are required to participate for the full length of either the short course or long course season, and year-round participation with BAC is encouraged. 



The overarching goal of our Junior program is to help develop our top level age group swimmers and prepare them to compete within our state and beyond.  Junior swimmers are expected to maintain good technique, practice good habits, and stay disciplined while handling aggressive intervals and longer sets.  Competition takes on a huge focus, and many elements of practice will be specifically geared towards performance in meets.  Basically, Junior swimmers should be taking the ‘next step’ in their competitive development by focusing on performance in practice and in meets.




…be working towards becoming fully independent Senior swimmers.  This means that they begin to serve as the primary communication with coaches, take full ownership in their event and meet selection, and make sure they’re packed and ready for practices and meets.

…already have 4 established strokes and will continue to refine them.  They’ll also begin to work on more advanced versions of swim skills, including underwaters, turns, and starts.

...perform their swim skills at a high level regularly throughout practice, and an emphasis will be placed on maintaining good technique as they get accustomed to higher training volumes.

…begin to focus more on the training and conditioning aspect of our sport, and should consequently be able to handle repeats of swims longer than 500 yards, sets longer than 2000 yards, and practices longer than 5000 yards.

…be transitioning to being totally independent at meets relating to meet preparation, event selection, race strategy, warm-up and cool down, finding relays, etc.