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Silver Group




The Silver Group is the second of our three ‘quarterly’ groups, and is for swimmers between the ages of 12-14. Practices typically last for 90-105 minutes and there are 5 practices a week offered.  The expectation is that a swimmer is attending between 5-7 practices every two weeks, although there are no attendance requirements for our quarterly groups.


For swimmers of this age there are different groups within BAC, and the quarterly groups are ideal for swimmers that are newer to the sport at a club level, swimmers that are active with other sports or activities, swimmers only looking to participate for a portion of the club season, or swimmers that are simply looking to participate at a more casual level of commitment. 


Silver swimmers will spend plenty of time refining their strokes and swim skills, but will also work on improving their conditioning, both in the pool and through dryland exercises.  (**The Bronze and Silver groups are fairly similar in description, with Silver being better suited for swimmers that have more experience with BAC and USA Swimming, have more established strokes and swim skills, would benefit from additional training, or - most typically - are simply older.**)


Most Silver Medal swimmers have experience with BAC, but others might be new to the team and to USA Swimming.  The group is typically composed of swimmers that have strokes and swim skills that are generally strong but in need of refinement, while the top end of the group will be looking to qualify for state championships and other time standard meets.



The overarching goal of our Silver program is to help middle-school aged swimmers continue to progress in the sport.  For most of them, this means the continued improvement of their strokes and swim skills and habits, and an increase in their training and conditioning.  Some swimmers may not be as competitively oriented as others, but elements of competition will be emphasized for the entire group.  Basically, Silver swimmers should be working on improving their conditioning and technique, with an eye towards more competitive swimming down the road.  A full schedule of Silver practices is offered during our fall, winter, and spring sessions.  We also offer an abbreviated version during our summer session.




…be expected to take a lead role in the ownership of their swimming, and into being more independent in the sport.  This includes being the primary person for communication with coaches, meet sign-up, and practice and meet preparation.

…continue to improve and strengthen their technique with all 4 strokes, starts, turns, and finishes, with an eye towards competing in longer races at meets.  One major emphasis will be on maintaining their stroke through longer distances, sets, and workouts.

…demonstrate good listening and direction following skills, good practice habits, and the ability to understand longer and more complex sets.

…spend time on both technique and training, and should be able to handle repeats of swims of 200 yards or more, and practices of 3500 yards or more.

…be expected to demonstrate their independence relating to meets, including sign up and event selection, preparation in practice leading up to a meet, warming up prior to or after races, etc.