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Why Different

Why are these different?


Starting in the Fall of 2017, BAC is excited to be offering programming based out of the Jack Young Middle School in Baraboo.  BAC has a historical connection to Baraboo programming, having offered practice at that facility for a number of years in the early 2000’s.   Since then the Baraboo Area Makos (BAM) has done a great job with swimmers in the area, but wanted more for their athletes going forward and opted to become a part of BAC.

Bringing the two teams together requires some redefining and renaming of the groups previously offered by BAM.  While our Baraboo Groups have some of the same names of the practice groups offered in Madison, the needs and characteristics of these groups don’t always match the group characteristics in Madison.

Fees for all of these groups are also going to vary depending primarily on the amount of practice time offered per week.  Our goal has been to make sure the group fees are roughly equivalent in ‘value’, so we primarily look at the amount per hour of practice offered.

Going forward, we feel it’s important to continue to meld the two teams, and bring BAM swimmers into the BAC family.  We envision continuing to refine group names, descriptions, and characteristics, but also felt that this season’s groups reflected both the current BAC Group structure as well as the groups formerly offered by BAM.